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Family Reunion
This is a transcription of the records of the Spencer Benham Reunion
Association. For transcripts of the newspaper accounts go to
to see numerous years of press releases.
These pages will have the treasurers and secretaries reports, lists of those
who served War of 1812 and Civil War, Revolutionary and World War 1. Also
"Our Dead", obituaries and brief biographies of those who have passed, and
then Secretaries Comments upon items of general interest to all the
members. Finally a members list and revised members list.

A copy of the hand written ledger resides at the C. G. Brisee Genealogy
Library, Irwin, Iowa.

          General Index
Naaman and Diantha Spencer                                        3 to 5
Their Children                                                             6 to 11

Reunions Years 1870                                                     12
Reunion 1897 (27 years later)                                         13
Reunion 1898                                                               14
1899, 1900 etc-etc-etc.

Spencer and Woodin's who served in The War of the
Revolution, 1812 and Civil War                                        60

Our Soldier boys Revolutionary War, etc.                        60 to 62
Our Soldiers of The World War                                          364

Family Charts                                                             68 to 101

Our Dead                                                                 282 to 355

Members                                                                       380

Revised Members List (1913)                                            386

Vital Records Extracted From the Ledger

Spencer-Benham Reunion Association Record

Organized 1897

Qualification to Membership

All who are related by blood or marriage to Naaman Spencer and his wife
Diantha (Benham) Spencer, and to their descendants.
Object: To perpetuate the memory of the "Pioneers" of the western branch of
the family and to meet and greet the relatives commonly at some convenient
"A people that takes no pride in the noble achievements of their ancestors
will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by remote generations."
                                                               Lord Macauley
Naaman & Diantha
Their Children