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Family Reunion
Manchester (NH) Daily Mirror
October 16, 1924
Rainey Family in Reunion at Summer Home of J. T. Rainey
Members of the Rainey family met Monday at "The Maples" in
Francestown, the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Rainey
for a reunion. The day was spent in sightseeing and visiting,
and a chicken dinner was served the guests at a table spread
the length of the lawn.
Sports included a soccer football game between the young
men and the "old timers", which the latter won 2 to 1, and a
baseball game between the New Hampshire Raineys and the
Massachusetts members of the family, won by the Bay State
team, 17 to 10.
A musical program, consisting of vocal and instrumental
selections, were given by F. H. Rainey, leader of Starrett's
band, Athol, Mass.; Harry Rainey, director of Rainey's
Orchestra, Athol, Mass.; the Misses Lillian and Anna Rainey,
of Athol, Mass.; Miss Grace Rainey, supervisor of music in the
public schools of Chester, Mass.' Edward Rainey, tenor of the
South Main Street Church; J. T. Rainey of Rainey's band, and
Miss Helen Rainey, of Springfield, Mass., spoke briefly.
Charles Walker, superintendent of schools in Chelmsford,
Mass., and Auther Rainey, of Springfield, Mass., spoke briefly.
Those present included Mrs. Thomas Rainey, the oldest
member of the family in whose honor the gathering was held;
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker and sons, Monroe and Norman, of
Chelmsford, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rainey and sons,
Arthur, Kenneth and Herbert of Springfield, Mass.; Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Rainey, with the Misses Lillian and Anna and Master
Earl Rainey of Athol, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rainey and
son, Harry, of Athol, Mass.; Ernest Rainey and son Earnest;
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Rainey and daughters, Grace and Helen and
sons, Wilbur, Joseph, Stanley, Frederick and John.
The following photos of the event are unlabeled.