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Surnames O
Source Codes
All entries will be followed by a source code in brackets, such as [ncvt]. Go to the source
page to see where the information was derived from. Sources, such as newspapers will not
have a date unless significantly different from the actual event date.
Gayle Swift Oberg from Gayle Oberg Driscoll born March 27, 1954 at North Kingstown, Rhode
Island, resident of Stowe, VT on February 5, 2004. [ncvt]

Danielle Wynne O'Hallisey from Daniel James Hallisey born April 14, 1959 at Sewickley, PA,
resident of Wolcott, VT on May 6, 1998. [ncvt]

Jennifer Rae Osgood Flanders from Jennifer Rae Flanders born November 30, 1977 at
Burlington, VT, resident of Belvidere, VT, on June 3, 1998. [ncvt]

Penelope Ruth Owen from Penelope Ruth Gordon born June 4, 1946 at Barton, VT, resident of
Eden, VT on July 1, 1998. [ncvt]