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Name Changes
Surnames I - J
Source Codes
All entries will be followed by a source code in brackets, such as [ncvt]. Go to the source
page to see where the information was derived from. Sources, such as newspapers will not
have a date unless significantly different from the actual event date.
Brian Allen Jalbert resident of Wolcott, VT to Brian Allen Mason on August 22, 1996. [ncvt]

Joanne June Jannini born May 11, 1958 at Boston, MA, resident of Waterville, VT to Joanne
June Shaw on March 5 1997. [ncvt]

Jean Jenkauskas from Jean Mary Yankaskas born February 23, 1954 at New Britain, CT,
resident of Cambridge, VT on October 28, 1998. [ncvt]

Korrina Chade Johnson from Korrina Mandisa Lynn born June 20, 1993 at Morristown, VT,
resident of Eden, VT on November 8, 2000. [ncvt]

Madison Sierra Johnson from Madison Sierra Billings born August 11, 1999 at Morrisville, VT,
resident of Morrisville, VT on December 11, 2003. [ncvt]

Riley Mathieu Jones born March 13, 1997 at Morrisville, VT, resident of Wolcott, VT to Riley
Mathieu Gravel on August 13, 2003. [ncvt]

Stacy Burke Jones aka Gael Burke born May 30, 1957 at Evanston, IL, resident of Eden, VT to
Stacy Ryan Burke on March 31, 1999.

Marilyn Marcia Hanscom Judkins born November 1, 1948 at St. Johnsbury, VT, resident of
Hyde Park, VT to Marilyn Marcia Hanscom Zophar on February 26, 1997. [ncvt]