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Family Bibles
Mary Gibson Young

Holy Bible in English; Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, October 27th, 1802.

The Family Bible of Mary (Gibson) Young and her husband Samuel Young. Mary also recorded the history of
her brother, Henry Bicker Gibson in detail. Henry was born in Reading, PA and the family moved to Saratoga
Co., NY. Mary and Henry are the children of John and Catharine (Bicker) Gibson.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Owners Inscription
This book was Purchased Anno Domini 1814= By John Gibson

Mary Gibson was married to Samuel Young March 1st. 1807, by the Rev'd Joel Bradley of Ballston.

Henry Bicker Gibson was married to Sarah Sherman December the 10th 1813.

Catharine Anna Young married th 30th June 1834 to Dudley Burnell of Little Falls, by the Rev. D. Babcock.

Louisa Young married to Thomas M. Howell of Canandaigua by Rev. D. Babcock at Ballston May 16, 1838

Mary Sophia Young, John Henry Beach Jureta in Ung.[sic] May 20, 1839 by Rev. D. Babcock

Family Record
The Ages of Henry B Gibsons Children
John Born March 20,,1814
Sarah Born february 8 1816
Catharine Olivia Born febry 13 1818
Amanda Born May 13 1820
Henry Watts Born August 7 1822 [dead noted in pencil]
Maria [dead noted in pencil]
William October 23 1827
Elizabeth September 17 1829 [dead noted in pencil]

Henry Bicker Gibson was born April 13th AD 1783

Mary Gibson was born November 9th AD 1785

John Henry Young was born December 24th AD 1807 -

Catharine Ann was Born April 25th 1809

Mary Young was born October 27th 1810

Samuel Young was born January 4th 1812

George Nelson Young was Born December 13 1813

Mary Sophia was Born June 15d 1815

Thomas (Gibson Young) was born on the 16th June 1816 ______

Laura was Born on the 23 July 23......1817

Clarinda was Born July 31. 1819

Charlott was born December the 7 ....1823

Children of Henry B Gibson
John Gibson March 20 1814

Sarah Maria[added in pencil] February 8 1816

Catharine O February 26 [corrected from 13 in pencil] 1818

Henry Watts August 7 1822

Amanda May 13 -- 1820

Maria .....

Mary .....

William October 23, 1827 [pencil correction looks like 1828]

Elizabeth September 17,, 1829

Mary Young died on Monday the 17th December 1810 - at about 10 o'clock in the morning aged 7 weeks, 2

George Nelson Young Died on Sunday Morning January 18th 1814 aged 5 weeks

Clarinda died on Saturday Night August 31st. 1819

Died at Little Falls Catharine Young April 5th 1835.

Died in New York June the eight Mrs Jane Steddiford Relic of the late General Steddiford In the 76 year of
her of her Age

Died in the 79th year of her age Catharine Gibson March 25th 1836 at quarter before one o'clock in the

Ballston Departed this life John Gibson, in the Sixty first year of his Age May 6th, In the year of Our Lord,,

Mary Young died the 22 Aug't 1825 in the 39th year of her age

Catharine Anna Burwell died the 5th of April 1835 in the 26 year of her age

Henry W. Gibson Died August 1899

Maria Died

Elizabeth Died March 8th 1832