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Family Bibles
Perry G. Wells 1

Holy Bible in English; [Only Family Register pages, no publishing information]

The Family Bible of Perry Green Wells and his wife Mariah Bumpas. Only the Family Register survives, as it
was placed in the Bible of Perry Green Wells their grandson. Perry and Mariah lived in Mount Holly &
Wallingford, Vermont. Their grandsons Bible, also named Perry Green Wells is also scanned and
transcribed on this site. Along with the Bible we received a photo album from the Wells/Farnsworth
families. All the photos will be scanned to our picture site
All the photos will be on the Wells Family Album page, and identified photos will also be put on the
appropriate surname pages.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Marriages [Deaths are listed on this page]
Perry G. Wells Died February 15" 1851

Mariah Wells Died February 25. 1854

Mariah Packer Died April 27" 1853

Francis Wells Died January 13. 1852.

Perry Green Wells Died June 1st 1895

Minart Wells Died Oct, 1895

Rebecca S Wells Died Oct 11th 1904

Charlotte E Wells Died Sept 22. 1914

Marriages [Mostly births listed on this page]
Perry Green Wells Born June 18-1774
Mariah Wells Born may 18-1777
We were married Feb 18 1795

Joshua Wells Born March 15-1797
Mariah Wells Born Feb 9-1799
Eason Wells Born Feb 19-1801
Lily Willson Born Sep. 12-1811

Children's Marriages
Joseph Packer & Mariah Wells Married September 28-1817

Joshua Wells & Mercy Stafford Married Jan 17-1819

Eason Wells & Polly Hewit Married Sept.