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Family Bibles
David Jones Jr.

Holy Bible in English; H. Miller, Columbus, [no date].

The Family Bible of David Jones Jr. and Mary Ann Foreman, with information on their marriage and their

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. B. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Owner's Inscription
David Jones Jr.
Bonglil[?] 1867

David Jones Jr. and Mary Ann Foreman Feb. 14th 1845 by Rev. J. L. Moore

David T. Copeland and Rebecca Jones July 5th 1868 By Rev. D. Hutchkiss

Rufus I. Copeland and Mary A. Jones Feb 26 - 1871

of Parents
David Jones Jr. March 26th 1818
Mary Ann Foreman July 3rd 1824

Of Children
Rebecca Jones June 30. 1847
David B. B. Jones Mar 7. 1849
Mary Ann Jones Oct 10. 1851
Henry J. Jones Nov. 21. 1853
George E. Jones Mar. 19 - 1858
David O. Jones Sept. 26. 1861
Amesiah Jones Sept 19 - 1863

Sophia Jones July 14. 1866
David Jones Apr. 30 - 1875
Infant Jan. 20th 1846
David O. Jones June 26. 1861
Amaziah J. Jones Aug. 15th 1890
Mary A Jones Died May 2th=1892=
David Jones Jr. Aug 27th 1895

George E. Jones, May 21, 1928.