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Family Bibles
Gideon Jennings

Holy Bible in English, G. Lane & P. P. Sandford, New York, 1842.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

The Family Bible of Gideon Jennings and his wife Rachel Jane Low.

Gideon Jennings & Rachel J Low were married August 25th 1847.

Gideon Jennings born Sept 21st 1823.

Rachel Jane Low July 20th 1829

Mary Frances Jennings Born June 26th 1849.

James G. Jennings April 24th 1857.

Hariet Elizabeth Jennings March 11th 1853.

Mary F Jennings Sept 13th 1849.

Harriet E Jennings Dec 15th 1853.

James G. Jennings May 29th 1851 Aged 1 Month 5 Days.

Rachel Low Jennings February 11th 1855 Aged 25 Years 2 Months 22 days.

Harriet Elizabeth Jennings February 26th 1856 Aged 2 Years 11 Months 15 Days.

Mary F Jennings February 7 1872 Aged 22 y 7 m 15 d.