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Family Bibles
Joseph Jenney

Holy Bible in English; Mark and Charles Kerr, Edinburgh 1789.

The Bible page is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

The New Testament title page, and the family history written on the verso are all that remain of the
Family Bible of Joseph and Abigail (Church) Jenney. Abigail was apparently Joseph's second wife. There
are some unusual entries on the page, such as Abigail, the youngest daughter who was born 7 months
after the death of her father, changed her name (first and last name) at age two.

Family History
Joseph Jenney was Born in the year of Our Lord 1780 Febury 22

Abigail Jenney was Born in the year of Our Lord 1781 Septemb 29
Was Married in New Bedford November 24 1808

Mary  jenney was born Fryday December 8th 1809, at 1 oclock in the afternoon

Ruth S Jenney was born August 12th 1811, at 3 oclock in the afternoon

Joseph Jenney died January 25 1813 in the 33 year of his age -

Abigail Jenney was born july 7th 1813 at 4 oclock in the morning
Changed her name in 1815 to Sarah White

Ruth S Jenney Married May 4 1828

Mary Jenney Married Aug 30 1829

Mary's son born June 8 at ½ past 11 pm. 1830

Darius Gray, son of Darius and Mary J Gray was born Augt 8 1832 twenty minutes before four A.M. Died
August 12 1833 at 7 A M aged 1 year & four days

Mary Abby born Decemb 25 1834

Ruths babe born May 11 1835 Died July 26 aged 11 wks named Adelaide M Covell

Sarah was Married Tuesday 22 November 1836

Sydney Nye Gray born 18 February at 10 min before 12 at noon

Adelaide M. Nye born December 15 1837 at 7 oclock AM.

Lloyd Covell died June 17 1838 aged 40

Mary Abby Gray died at Sea Jany 11 1857

Abby C. Jenney died May 20th 1860 aged 79 years 8 months 21 days