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Family Bibles
John Jeffrey

Holy Bible in English; Edgewood Publishing Company, no date.

Marriage Certificate
This Certifies that That Jno Jeffery of Evansville in the St of Ind & Sarah Martin of Evansville in the St of
were solemnly united by me in The bonds of Holy Matrimony at Evansville on the 21 day of January in
the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Seventy Five conformably to the
Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State.  In Presence of
Falby WJH Slet m Sarah Harvey
Signed: WHM Carey Pastor

Family Record
Jno. Jeffery [born] Cornwall England Oct 26 1851 [married] Jan 21 1875 [died] May 9 1933

Sarah J Jeffery [born] Evansville Ind Nov 5 1852 [married] Jan 21 1875 [died] July 28 1931

Walter Russell Jeffery [born] Evansville Ind Feb 19 1876 [married] Nov 27 1895 [died] Died 26 July 1916

Robert Jeffery [born] Evansville Ind. Aug 1. 1877

William E. Jeffery [born] Evansville Ind. Dec. 10 1879 [married] July 23 1902

John Jeffery Jr. [born] Evansville Ind. Sept 24 1880 [died] Sept 10 1881

Caroline J. Jeffery [born] Evansville Ind. Aug 21 1886

Elizabeth E. [? smudged] Jeffery [born] Evansville Ind June 17. 1888

[Paper chart with Sarah's family glued in the Bible]
For Sarah J. Jeffery
William Martin to Caroline Stocks
Married April 6th 1844 Chatterese Cambridge Eng.

William Martin Sr. [born] Dec 21-1825

Caroline Martin [born] Dec 22-1826 [died] May 16-1870 44-4-26

Mary Ann Martin [born] March 26-1848 [died] Feb 10-1859 11-10-14

Emma J. Martin [born] Nov 6-1854 [died] Aug 26-1860 6-9-20

Samuel Martin [born] Dec 10-1859

Lucy Martin [born] Aug 10-1861 [died] March 16-1863 2-7-6

Lillia Martin [born] June 31-1864 [sic] [died] July 10-1865 1-1-10

Joseph Martin [born] June 8-1850 [died] Feb 17-1934

Sarah Jane [born] Nov 5-1852 [died] July 28-1931

William - Jr. [born] May 18-1867 [died] Oct 21-1940

John E. [born] May 20-1871

[Loose chart with Sarah's family]
William Martin To Caroline Stocks Married April 6th 1844 Chatteras Cambridge Shire England

William Martin Sr. [born] Dec-21-1825 [died] Sept 24-1915 89-9-3 days

Caroline Martin [born] Dec-22-1826 [died] May 16-1870 44-4-26 "

Joseph R. Martin [born] June 8-1850 [died] Feb. 17-1934

Sarah Jane Martin [born] Nov 5-1852 [died] July 28-1931 78-8-8dy

William Martin Jr [born] May 18-1867

Mary Ann Martin [born] March 26-1848 [died] Feb 10-1859 11-10-14

Emma J. Martin [born] Nov 6-1854 [died] Aug 26-1860 6-9-20

Samuel Martin [born] Dec 10-1859 [died] Jan 22-1860 1-10-

Lucy Martin [born] Aug 10-1861 [died] March 16-1863 2-7-6

Lillian Martin [born] June 31-1864 [sic] [died] July 10-1865 1-10

John E. Martin [born] May 20-1871

Copy to: Jno Martin
Jos R. Martin  Sept-4-1915
Sarah J Jeffery

[Newspaper gossip tidbit]
Wm. Martin Sr., narrowly escaped serious injury one day last week.  While standing in a wagon the horse
made a sudden start, throwing the old gentleman violently to the ground.  For a time it was feared he
was seriously hurt but at this writing is improving.

[Newspaper obit]
A Sudden Summons
Died- At her home in this city, on Monday afternoon, about two o'clock, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, wife of Mr.
J. D. Harris, in the fifty-second year of her age.  Since last February, Mrs. Harris has been suffering with
dropsy.  On the day of her sudden demise she seemed to manifest unusual exhuberance of spirits all
forenoon, and at the noon meal partook heartily of food, cleaned up the dinner dishes, and between one
and two o'clock, feeling somewhat fatigued, repaired to the front room with her daughter, and lay down
across the foot of the bed, but in a little while she was discovered to be in a dying condition.  A near
neighbor was at once called in, but life was soon extinct.  Funeral services were held at the house
Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, at the conclusion of which the remains were carried to Grapeville
cemetery for interment.
Mrs. Harris has been a resident of Earlington for eight or ten years past, and while not a member of any
visible church, was in early life christened in the Presbyterian church, but has for many years leaned
toward the Methodist faith and doctrine.  For several months past she has manifested a deep concern
regarding her future state, and has often been known to engage in earnest prayer even in the dead hours
of night.  Let us hope that all is well with her soul.
The scene was indeed a touching one, to thus see a once happy home so bereft of wife and mother, as
the grief-stricken husband, son and daughter bowed around the casket of their dear departed one.  May
that God - our God - who shapes the destinies of individuals as well as nations, bless and soothe
these troubled hearts, as He alone can do.

[Newspaper obit]
Sterm - On Tuesday morning, Oct. 24, 1893, at 6 o'clock. Mrs. A. J. Sterm nee Lottie Harvey, aged 26
years and 11 days.Funeral Thursday at 2 p.m. from the residence of the parents of the deceased,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Harvey, 1303 Governor Street. Friends invited

[Newspaper obit]
Another Citizen Passeth.
William Jeffery died at his home in this city on Thursday, Dec. [smudged]th 1906. aged 65 years and 7
He was born in April, 1841, in the town of Camborne, Cornwall, England, and came to this country with
his parents when about 16 years of age.  At the age of 17 he went to California, and after a stay of nine
years returned to Mineral Point, where he remained the rest of his life.  In October, 1868, Mr. Jeffrey
was married to Miss Kate Trevarrow, and of this union were born six children, of which number the
following survive: Mrs. Graham of Beloit, Pearl Jeffrey of Battlesville, I. T., Mrs. Quirk, Mrs. Marr, Mrs.
Harris and Miss Willa Jeffrey, all of this city.  Besides the children he leaves to mourn his departure, his
widow, two brothers and three sisters.
Mr. Jeffrey was a mason by trade, of quiet and unpretentious ways.  The well attended funeral on Sunday
testified to the esteem in which the deceased was held.

[Newspaper tidbit]
Wm. Martin Sr., was eighty years old on Thursday, Dec. 21, and in honor of the occasion a number of his
friends met at his home to help him spend the day.  The old gentleman is enjoying good health and is a
spry as a man of fifty years, being able to jump a broomstick four feet and three inches high on his
birthday just to show the boys how nimble he is.  Mr. and Mrs. Martin are held in the highest esteem by a
large circle of friends, both old and young.

[Memorial Card]
William Jeffery,
Died Dec. 6, 1906.
Age 64 years, 8 months.

[Undertaker's Invoice]
St. Louis July, 29th 1916
Mr. W, E, Jeffery
310 William St.
Evansville Ind.

Peetz Bros Undertakers
Office and Funeral Chapel: 2739 Lafayette Avenue

July 27. - Funeral of Walter R Jeffery. -
To Black Cloth Covered Casket.  $40.00
"  Outside Shipping Box.            10.00
"  Embalming Body.                   10.00
"  Washing,Dressing & Shaving.    5.00
"  Gents.burial Suit.                   14.00
"  Advertising Post Dispatch.        1.00
"  Delivering to Union Station.      5.00

[Funeral Invoice]
R. Smith Company
Funeral Directing & Embalming
503-509 South Fourth Street
Evansville, Indiana

July 29,
Meeting Remains                 $ 5.00
Taking Box to Cemetery          2.
4 Carriages $5                      20.
Hearse to Oak Hill                  5.
Grave at     "     "                   6.
Services                                5.     
     Total        $43.00
     Paid in full
     R. Smith Co
     Rec. E.C.S.

[Coffin Card]
In fond rememberance of
Our Dear One
Johnnie Jeffery
Died. Sept. 21, 1881.
Aged 11m.-19d.

[Western Union Telegram]
NDA318 7=Indianapolis IND 21 539P  1940 Oct 21 PM 5  54

Marriage Certificate
This is to Certify
John Jeffrey of Evansville in the State of Indiana and Sarah Jane Martin of Evansville in the State of
were by me Joined together in Holy Matrimony on the twenty first day of January in the Year of
our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Seventy Five

W. H. M Carey
Pastor 2nd Av. Presbyterian Church