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Family Bibles
John Cunningham

Holy Bible in English; Philadelphia, William W. Harding, 1875.

Many of the early entries were entered from a note written by one of John and Mary's
children. There is an error in the transcription of Lafayette's and Lucinda's births, the two
entries were combined using Lafayette's name and Lucinda's birthdate. See the original
note entries in the "Insertion" section. The later family record entries are made in a variety
of handwritings and inks.

The Bible is now in th epossession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

John Cunningham Sr married Dec 29th 1817 to Mary Bean & commenced house keeping Feb
16th 1818.

Lucinda Cunningham married May 7th 1848 to William A Mekim of Millerburgh.

Lafayette Cunningham married Feb 25 1851 to Sallie E. Bedford

Geo W Cunningham married Oct 30th 1861 to Annie Skillman

William R. Cunningham first married Annie Cunningham May 1st 1861. and the second wife
Bessie James of Ohio Jan 4th 1865.

Lewis Cunningham married Dec 23rd 1885 to Mrs Lavena Chenault of Richmond Ky

Mary E Cunningham married Dec 20th 1877 to Daniel A. Talbott.

Kate B Cunningham married Dec 29th 1888 to D. M. Sharp.

John B Cunningham married Dec 16th 1885 to Annie D. Current.

Lizzie H. Cunningham married Mar 15th 1888 to John S Moore.

Lucinda Cunningham Married Nov 13 189 [sic] to W. D. Vallandingham.

Lafayette Cunningham married Dec 28 1904 to Grace Arighswonger of Missouri

Nowell Talbott married May 14 - 1904 to Grace Phillips of Urich Mo

Mary Alice Talbott married July 2nd 19  to C. G. McConnell of Mayville New York.

John Cunningham Sr Born June 15th 1795.

Mary Cunningham his wife Born Sept 22nd 1796.

Robert Cunningham Born 13 1819

John Cunningham Jr. Born Aug 15 1820

James Cunningham Born June 2nd 1822.

Isac Cunningham Born May 11 1824

Lafayette Cunningham Born May 22, 1827.
[This entry is a combination of Lafayette's and Lucinda's information, see note above]

Naomie Cunningham Born Oct 12th 1829.

Lewis Cunningham Born Dec. 24 1831.

William R Cunningham April 12 1834.

George Cunningham Oct 13 1840.


Louie J Mikim son of W. A. & Lucinda Born Nov 25th 1849.

Forest Cunningham son of Geo & Annie Born Aug 30th 1862.

Clara Cunningham Born Dec 4th 1864.

Harry Lee Cunningham Born April 9th 1867.

Wm burnet Cunningham Sept 28th 1862

John Bean Cunningham Sept 11th 1872

Naomi Cunningham May 16th 1875.


Children of Lafayette & Sallie Cunningham
Willard M. Cunningham Born Jan 6th 1853

Mary Ellen Cunningham Born March 24th 1855.

Lafayette Cunningham Jr. Born July 3rd 1857.

John Ben Cunningham Born June 10th 1859.

Kate B. Cunningham Born March 16th 1861.

Lucinda Cunningham Born Aug 10th 1863.

Lizzie Hawes Cunningham Born March 3rd 1866.

John cunningham, Sr died Aug 17th 1864. Wed eve at 8 O'Clock

Isac Cunningham died May 25 1824

Silas Cunningham died July 18 1841

Lucinda C Mekim died Jan 13 1850

Louie J Mekim died Aug 6th 1850

Forest Cunningham died Aug 5 1863

Lafayette Cunningham, Sr died Oct 25th 1869.

Winburn Cunningham died May 24 1875.

Willard Cunningham died Dec 17th 1876. Sunday eve at 7 O'Clock.

Sallie Bedford Cunningham died July 22nd 1889.

Lafayette Cunningham son of Lafe & Sallie Cunningham died March 2nd 1912.
buried at [Urich crossed out] Butler Mo.

Noamie Cunningham died Jan 10 = 1915

Joh Cunningham Died Jan 11 = 1916

Mary E Talbott Died Mar 17 = 1926

Robert Edward Talbott Died Aug. 13, 1933
Willard Child [added in pencil]

Warren Benten Talbott. Born Feb 10 - 1905.

Daniel Newton Talbott. born Dec 24 1907

Marion Talbott born Dec 4th 1909.

Carlene Talbott born Feb 13th 1911.

Mary E Talbott Born April 4 - 1914

Willard Talbot Jr Born march 23 = 1921

Robert Edward Talbott Born July 11, 1931
Died Aug 13, 1933

[Marriages from a newspaper clipping]
Roberts-Gibson - At the residence of the bride's father, January 30, 1895, by L. A. Cutler,
James E. Roberts and Catherine Gibson Yancey-Tinsley - By L. A. Cutler, at his residence,
on February 27, 1895 Philip Yancey and Martha Tinsley.

[Obit from a newspaper clipping]
Bedford - At Stoner farm, his late residence, in this county, on Thursday 17th inst., after a
protracted illness from inflammatory rheumatism, Mr. George M. Bedford, a prominent and
highly respected citizen.
Mr. Bedford was born in Bourbon county, May 19th, 1817, and resided here all his life. He
died near the completion of his 70th year. He was an energetic, practical business man,
who, for many years, bore a national reputation as a breeder of pure blooded short-horn
cattle in America. When pedigrees were kept with such scrutiny as if every drop of animal
blood was the equivalent of so much gold, his place was in the front rank, and his
judgment was high authority. As between kings and commons, he was a king of trade that
handled Dukes and Duchess's, Prince and Princesses of the royal line of cattle with such
success that his name was almost as familiar in England as America. He owned and sold
the 14th duke of Thorndale at public auction for $17,600, no mean fortune itself. Many
other animals sold at correspondingly high rates were evidences of confidence in his
judgment, and were rewards of his careful breeding. Those sales were the precursors of the
great decline that paralyzed the business of the country, and withered values of the lordly
brutes almost to ashes.
Mr. Bedford was a man of decided convictions and strong will, but in social life was genial
and hospitable. He was an intense sufferer for several months with the demon of affliction
which held him with a vice-like grasp, until the cup was filled and he pleaded "It is enough.
Let me go to rest."
He leaves five children and a widow, a daughter of Ben F. Bedford, sr. All but one of the
children are married.
His remains will be laid in the Paris cemetery to-day.  Services by Elder Sweeney.

[Obit from a newspaper]
Baber   Mrs. Elizt Jordan Baber, age 67, widow of the late Herbert Baber, died at the
Massie Memorial Hospital following a lingering illness. Mrs. Baber was born in Madison
county, November 2, 1861, and was a daughter of the late John Jordan. She is survived by
one daughter, Mrs. Susan Stanfield, of Bourbon county, one son, Shelby Baber, of this
county; two brothers, William Jordan, of Bourbon county, Charles Jordan, of Clark county.
Three half brothers, James Jordan of Covington, Richard Jordan, D. Jordan , of Lexington,
and two half sisters, Mrs. Susan Williams, of Little Rock and Mrs. Kate Arnold of Bourbon
county, also survive.
Funeral services were held at the Main street Methodist church in Winchester, Tuesday
morning at 10:30 o'clock, the Rev. Roy Long, officiating. Burial followed in the family lot in
the Winchester cemetery.
The pall-bearers were : Elwood Jordan, Charles Jordan, Garland Jordan, Robert Stanfield,
William Stanfield and Jesse Stanfield.

[Paper on family research]
My Father John Cunningham Born June 15th 1795
My Mother Mary Bean Cunningham Born Sep. 22d 1796
Lucinda Cunningham Born  May 22nd 1827-
Louis Cunningham Born December 3rd 1831
William R Cunningham Apil the 14th 1834
George W Cunningham born 4th July 1838
Silas Cunningham born October 13 1840
Namie Cunningham born October 12th 1829
James Cunningham Born June 2nd 1822
Lafe Cunningham Born May 10 1825
Isaac Cunningham Born May 11th 1824
Robert Cunningham Born January 13 1819
John Cunningham August 15 1820
Silas Cunningham [crossed out]
Mary & John Cunningham Married December 29 1817 began house keeping Feb
16 1818 in Bourbon Co Ky
Sister Lou Married 7 of May 1848

Old General Layfayette visited the United States in 1826 & uncle Jessee Cunningham went
to Lexington to see him in the Month of May & brother Lafe was named for him