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Edwin Crook

Holy Bible in English; Oxford, British and Foreign Bible Society, 1872.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Edwin Crook from Charles Arnold. and Elizabeth Clarke. Oct'r 3rd, 1872.

Births [on back cover]
Edwin Crook Born August 29 1847
Harriet Ann Crook Born August 5 1846
Emma Martha Crook Born Jan 1 1869
George Crook Dec 19-1870
Albert Edwin Crook March 22 1874
Ellen Crook July 13 1876
Alice Lavina Crook Feb 9 1878
Harriet Ann Crook June 10 1881
Edith May Crook Born April 22 1884
Victoria Mase Crook Born February 18-1884
Lily Crook Born July 5, 18__ [last two digits not written]