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Family Bibles
Edward S. Crane
The Bible information was collected by the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, present location is unknown.

Holy Bible, published by W. & H. Merriam, 1846.

Edward S. Crane to Katherine Lawsing Jan. 16, 1833.

James Starkeweather to Adaline Crane Oct. 20, 1857.

George D. Crane to Addie J. Bayless Feb. 17, 1869.

Edward S. Crane born 3-12-1804.

Katherine Lawsing born 12-29-1810.

Adaline Crane born 10-31-1838.

Louisa Crane born 1-17-1837.

Charlotte Crane born 1-11*1840.

George Davis Crane born 2-6-1842.

Edward S. Crane died 2-3-1889.

Catherine, wife of Edward Crane died 8-25-1904.

Adaline C. Starkeweather died 9-20-1910.

Charlotte Crane died 3-2-1915.

George D. Crane died 6-22-1916.

Louisa Crane died 1924.

Edward Savage Crane born 3-12-1802 died 1888 in Freeport, Illinois.

Catherine Lawsing born 12-29-1810 in New York State, died 1904 in Freeport, Illinois.

John Edsall died March 1845 in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Mary D. Kay died April 1847 in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

George Davis Crane born 2-6-1842 in New York State, died 6-20-1916 in Ft. Wayne.

Addie Jane Edsall born 2-12-1845 in Ft. Wayne, died 4-8-1940 in Ft. Wayne, married 2-16-1869.

Catherine Mary Crane born 7-2-1870, died 7-25-1872.

Harvey Edsall born 12-26-1873, married Maud Harrison 9-2-1902.

Alice Cordelia born 3-7-1875, married Frank Darrow Bond 10-1-1901.

John Stephen Bond born 7-17-1903, married 8-8-1929 Margaret Richardeu.

George Crane born 8-2-1909, married Corene Hull

Mary Jane Crane married J. F. Miller.

William Harrison Crane married Rosanna Hahn.