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Isaac Covert

Isaac Covert
Born 1780; married 1806

Holy Bible in English; New York 1813.

Contains the records of Isaac Covert and Lorette, his wife, and has descended in the direct
line to their great-granddaughter, Mrs. W. R. Caminini of Oyster Bay, New York, the
present owner.

Isaac & Lorette Covert was married November 6th 1806...

Jacob F. Covert and Frances Townsend were married 10th Jany 1832

Butler Coles & Mary Townsend were married Oct 21st 1857

Beekman H. Townsend & Adéle Seaman were married September 22nd 1868

Loretta Coles daughter of Butler & Mary T. Coles, & William R. Caminoni were married Nov.
29th 1890.

Isaac Covert was Born January 18th 1780

Lorette Covert was Born November 26th 1787

Jacob F. Covert the Son of Isaac & Lorette Covert was Born Sept. 13th 1807...

Elizabeth Covert the Daughter of Isaac & Lorette Covert was Born July 12th 1812

Geo. W. Townsend son of Wm and Margaret Townsend was Born Sept. 27th 1806

Frances Townsend daughter of William & Margarett Townsend was born May 7th 1811-

Mary H. Townsend, daughter of George & Elizabeth Townsend was born 5th Dec 1832

George C. Townsend son of George & Elizabeth Townsend was Born April 13th

Beekman H. Townsend was born 9th June 1836

Frances Gertrude Covert daughter of Jacob F & Frances T Covert born 19th October 1833

William F Covert son of the above named was born 15th June 1835

Elizabeth A. Coles daughter of Butler and Mary E. Coles was born June 21st 1859.

Butler Coles son of Mary & Butler Coles was born Aug. 16th 1861

George T. Coles son of Butler & Mary Coles was born Feb. 11th 1863.

Loretta Coles daughter of Butler & Mary Coles was born April 17th 1866.

Aldophus Covert was born 20th of November 1750

Hannah Covert was born 2nd of July 1744

Micah Covert was born 5th of June 1775

Isaac Covert was born January 18th 1780

Jacob Covert was born 21st of May 1782

Frost Covert was born 28th March 1785

Caleb Covert was born 9th February 1788

Ada S. Townsend daughter of Beekman H. and Adéle Townsend was born July 26th 1869.

Elizabeth Covert daughter of Beekman H. & Adéle Townsend was born Oct. 9th 1873.

Adolphus Covert Died 24th January 1802 aged 51years 2 months and 4 days.

Hannah Covert Died 20th of March 1827 Aged 83 years 8 months & 18 days.

Frances Gertrude Covert daughter of Jacob F. & Frances F Covert died Jany 5th 1834 aged 1
yr 2 mo 17 dys

Isaac Covert son of Adolphus Covert died 12th July 1839 aged 59 years 5 months & 24

Elizabeth C. daughter of Isaac & Loretta Covert and wife of George W. Townsend died in
New Haven 28th Sept. 1848 Aged 34 Years

Elizabeth Aurelia daughter of Butler & Mary Coles died Aug. 27th 1860 Aged 1 year 2 mos &
6 days.

Jacob F. Covert died Feb 27th 1861.  Aged 53 Years & 6 months

Butler Coles Son of Butler & Mary E. Coles died october 16th 1862 aged 1 year and 2

George C. Townsend died October 10th 1863 Aged 29 years 5 mos. & 27 days.

George W. Townsend died September 1880 Aged 74 years.

Loretta Covert wife of Isaac Covert died Dec 10th 1880, aged 94 years, & 16 days

Butler Coles Died Oct 24th 1888 Aged 57 years 6 months & 14 days.

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,Genealogical Records,
Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.