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Family Bibles
William Coventry

Holy Bible in English; Oxford, Baskett, 1736.

On the title-page of the Prayer Book is bound with the Bible is written, "This Book to
Rosamund B. Miller is given from Elizabeth Coventry as her God Child."  The records cover
the Coventry, Miller, Floyd, and Van Horne families and other descendants; and the book
has descended in the direct line to Mrs. Augusta Floyd Bowen of New York, a
great-great-great-great-granddaughter of William Coventry.

William Coventry, born April 10 1715 on Sunday about 12 o'clock at noon.

Elizabeth Hart, born January 29 1721/2 on Munday about 5 o'clock In the morning.

William Coventry & Elizª Hart were Married 0 August 28th, 1739 on Tuesday about 8 o'clock
in ye Even..g.

Sarah Coventry born Septemb'r 7th 1740 about 1,o'clock in the Afternoon & baptized ye
11th of the Same Month

Mary Coventry born July 15 1743 about 3 o'clock In the Morning & baptized ye 11th of the
Same Month.

Elizabeth Coventry born -- 1749 abt 6 o'clock in the Morning & Baptized ye 26 Octo'r

Ann Coventry born April 1751 2 o'clock in the morng. & Baptized ye 2d May Follow..g. The
foregoing was according to Old Stile.

New Stile Willi'm Coventry jnr born Jany. 14th 1754 about 12 o'clock at noon & baptiz'd ye
27 Inst. and departed this Life the 8th Septr Following abt one o'clock in the morn..g.

William Coventry Junr. was Born June 19th 1756.  On Saturday about Two o'clock in the
Afternoon and Baptized the 7th July following.

John Coventry born May 7th 1758 on Sunday morning abt four o'clock in the Mng & Baptized
the 19 of Same Month.

Sarah Coventry & Christopher Miller was married May 3d 1760

Mary Coventry & James Calder was married April 7" 1763

Willm Coventry Jun'r departed this Life August 24th 1763 abt 11 o'clock at Night aged 7
years 2 m. & 5 days.

Elizabeth Miller was born November ye 5h 17..., on Thursday Morning about one o'clock and
Baptized Satturday ye 7th Novemr and Departed this Life at 9 o'clock in the Evening.

William Coventry Calder was Born December ye 25th 1763 on Fryday morning at 3 o'clock
and Baptized Jan'y ye 20h 1764 by the Rev. Saml. Achmunty.

Sarah Coventry Miller was born Septemr 3d 1764 about 5 o'clock in the Afternoon; And
baptized the 19h Inst by the Rev'd Jnº Ogilvie.

Sarah Elizabeth Maria Calder was Born March 21s 1766 about 11 o'clock in the Morning and
Baptized the next Day by the Rev. Wm. Barrol -- Maryland.  James Calder departed this
Life November 21s 1766.  About 1 o'clock in the afternoon, Aged 36 years -- Maryland.

Sarah Eliza Maria Calder departed this Life May the 10h 17-7.

Elizabeth Hart Miller was born 13h Feby 1773 baptized by the Rev'd John Ogilvie.

Elizabeth Hart Miller departed this life the 8th September 1775 at New York and was buried
at Trinity Church behind the Governor's pew under the flat stones.

John and Ann Blackburn Miller, Twins were born the eighth Day of March 1776 at New
Brunswick and baptized the 7h April following by Rev'd Mr. Beach of said place.

Mary Calder & Floyd Daubery was married Jan 24h 1769 by the Rev'd Mr. Ogilvie.

William Coventry Departed this life April 25h 1774 (Aged 59 Years) at St. Christophers.

Ann Coventry & Richard Grant was married November 19h 1777 by Rev'd Benjamin Moore.

Rosamund Bend Miller was born 1st February 17-- and was Baptized the 12h March by the
Rev'd Mr. Moore of New York Mr. Grove Bend, Mrs. Daubery and Miss Elizabeth Coventry

Ann Blackburn Miller departed this life on Thursday the 10h April 1783 at half after three in
the Afternoon Aged seven years one month and two days, was put in Mr. Willets Vault on
the 12h.

Mrs. Sarah Miller Wife of Christopher Miller Departed this Life on Tuesday the 9h of
September 1783. at six in the evening of a consumtion and was buried behind the
Governors pew Trinity Church aged Forty three years.  (Within nine days) her daughter Ann
B. Miller being the first removed from Mr. Willets Vault to the same grave --near this spot
is buried Elizabeth Miller; Christopher Billop Miller, Elizabeth Hart Miller children of the
above lady

Sarah Coventry Miller and David van Horn was married 23 February 1788 by Rev'd A. Beach.

Christopher Miller Departed this Life on Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock the 17th August
1802.  Aged 66 years.

Richard Grant was born at Jamaica West Indies 29h March 1782.

Nathaniel Philip Grant was born at New York 18h November 1784 baptized by Rev'd Mr.

Susannah Coventry was born 22h September 1761 baptized by Rev'd Mr. Ogilvie.

Mrs. Elizabeth Coventry Departed this Life on Monday the 22d of August 1803 Aged 84

Dr. John Coventry Departed the Life on Wednesday the 17h of June 1812 the year aged 55
years & a few days.

Mrs. Mary Daubery Departed Life on Wednesday the 6" of October Aged 70 years in the
year 1813.

On Wednesday the 23d December last 1817.  Departed this Life Miss Elizabeth Coventry
aged 68 years.

Departed this Life the 1st of January last 1818 Miss Charlotte Coventry Daubery aged 42.

David V. Horn Departed this Live May 12" 1801. at nine in the Morning aged forty five years
& nine Months.

Married on Friday evening by the Rev. Dr. Hone, Dr. Samuel Floyd to Miss Augusta Van
Horne, April 26" 1817.

David Van Horne Floyd was born 1st May 1818 & Baptized September 2, by the Rev. Dr.
Brownell, Miss Rosamund B. Miller & his Father, Sponsors.

Benjamin Floyd was born October the 24" 1819.  Baptized April the 13" 1820 by the Rev. Mr
De Lancey.  Sponsors, the Parents.

Rosamund Miller Floyd was born the 1st of September 1821 and Baptized on the 13" of
February 1822 by the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart.  Rosamund B. Miller & Parents Sponsors.

Died at the Island of St. Thomas on the 3d of August in 1827 John Henry Waddell in the
____ year of his Age.

Francis Lucas Waddell Born 17 March 1808.

Christopher Bilop Miller was Born the 3rd of August 1768.  Departed this Life 29" June 1769.

Floyd Daubery was born on the 23" of November 174- was married to Mary Calder 24" of
Jan. 1770.

Floyd Saxbury Daubery was Born the 2" May 1774 was Baptized ye 21" of ye same Instant.

Elizabeth Ann Daubery was Born the 2" May 1774 was Baptized the 10" Day and Departed
this Life 22" of the same Month.

Charlotte Coventry Daubery Born 25" November 177- about 11 o'clock in the Morning and
Baptized the 15" of December by the Rev. Mr. Beach N. Brunswick.

Eliza Martin Daubery was Born 25" October 1779 about 12 of clock at Night and Baptized
the 10" Novem'br by Mr. Inglis Rector.

Eliza Martin Daubery was Married the 8" November 1800 to Mr. Henry Waddell by the Rev.
Doct. Banj'm Moore

Wm. Coventry Waddell born May 28" 1802

John Henry Waddell born June 17" 1804.

Floyd Saxbury Waddell born 12" June 1812.

Capt. Henry Waddell departed this Life July 13h 1819 aged 52 -

Died on the 20" June Mrs. Julia Waddell the wife of William Coventry Henry Waddell.

Died on the 5" of June 1843 Sarah C. Ludlow aged 79 years and nine months.

Married on the 8" of October 1839 David Van Horne Floyd to Elizabeth Furgeson daughter of
Henry Kermit of this City.

Died on Saturday the 3d Inst. March 1849, Henry Kermit only son of David Van Horn and
Elizabeth Furguson Floyd aged 8 years and 8 months, 1849.

Died on the 11" of Jan 1852 William Ellison Miller aged 45 years.  And on the 3d October
1842 Margaret Miller wife of Blackburn Miller aged 58 years.

Married March 1849 on Wednesday the 21st by the Revd. Wm. Berrian William Ellison
Miller, M.D. to Josephine daughter of Robert Hyslep Esqr.

Henry Kermit Floyd was born 29" June 1840 and was baptized by the Rev. Edward Higbie.

Sarah Augusta Floyd was born 28" of July 1843.

the two latter were the only offspring of David Van Horne and Elizabeth Furgeson Floyd.

Sarah Augusta Floyd was married to George Thomas Vingut of Cuba on the 27" Feby 1867
by Archbishop McClosky.

George Floyd Vingut was born the 10th of March 1868 and baptized the 14 of January 1869
by Archbishop Mccluskey in his chapel sponsor Mr. & Mrs. T. Vingut, Madison Ave & 50th St.
N. Y. C.

Harry Kermit Vingut was born the 12th of March 1871.

Maria Augusta Floyd Vingut was born the 13 of November 1873 and baptized in the N. Y.
Cathedral by Father James Kelly ass't rector on Dec. 6th 1889 sponsor Miss Z. Bouvier.

Mary Elizabeth Kermit Vingut born the 29th of May 1877 and baptized in St. Patrick's
Cathedral by Father James W. Kelly ass't rector on Dec. 31st 1889 sponsor her sister Maria
A. F. Vingut

Benjamin Van Horne Vingut was born the 23 of December 1879 and baptized in the St.
Patricks Cathedral by Father James Kelly ass't rector on Dec 31st 1889 sponsor Mary A. F.

the five latter were the only offspring of George Thomas Vingut and Sarah A. Vingut.

Elizabeth Kermit Vingut married Baron Charles d'Este of France Capt. in the French army.

Rosamund Miller Floyd died the 11th of November 1875 in the 54" year of her age.

David van Horne Floyd died 1878 was put in the Miller's Vault in the Marble Cemetery 2nd
St. N. Y. City.

Frances Yzguierdo de Vingut departed of her Life on the 20th of August 1885. at 6. p.m.
and was buried in the family plot at Greenwood.

Elizabeth Ferguson Floyd departed of this Life on the 11" of November 1885 & was buried
in Staten Island.

Sarah Augusta Vingut departed of this life on the 20" of August 1887. and was buried in
the family plot at Setauket L. I.

Frances de la Cruz Yzguierdo departed of this life on the 14" Nov. 1889 and was buried in
the Vinguts Plot, Greenwood Cemetery.

Benjamin Floyd departed of this life on the 4" of March 1890 and was put in the Millers
Vault Marble Cemetary 2" St. N. Y. City.

Augusta Floyd Vingut eldest daughter of George T. Vingut and Sarah A. was married the
26" February 1895 in the residence of her father 46 West 34" Street to Herbert Wolcott
Bowen, Consul General at Barcelona Spain.

Thomas Van Horn Floyd Bowen son of Herbert W. Bowen & Augusta Floyd Bowen. born Dec.
6th 1895. at the Manor House Sutton Montis. England.

Thomas Vingut father of George T. Vingut was born in Cuba in the year 1815, Dec. 9" 1815.

George T. Vingut was born the 23d April in the year 1838 in Havana, Cuba.

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,Genealogical Records,
Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, taken from Family Bibles 1581-1917.