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Family Bibles
Richard Cosgrove

Holy Bible in English; Toledo, Ohio, O. A. Browning & Co., 1892.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

The Family Bible of Richard W. Cosgrove and his wife, Matilda Boyer. Large FamilyRegisters
for the Cosgrove and Boyer families were added on the blank pages in front and back of
the Bible, apparently at a later date. There are some obituaries also pasted in that are in
agreement with the Bible entries and the added registers.

Presentation Page
To: Richard Cosgrove
By: Matilda Cosgrove, Sept 13 1896

Marriage Certificate
This is to Certify That Mr Richard W. Cosgrove and Mifs Matilda L. Boyer were united by me
in the bonds of Holy Matrimony At
Ocola on the First day of January in the year of our Lord
90. In Presence of Mrs. Snyder Signed Rev Snyder

Miss Grace M. Cosgrove was Married to Mr. Harry W. Cook at Bucyrus Ohio June 14. 1914.
Rev. John Miller.

Miss Nina H. Cosgrove was Married to Mr. Stephen John Bevan Jr. at Bucyrus Ohio Dec. 24.
1917. Rev. Dornblazer.

Mr. Harry G. Cosgrove was Married to Miss Helina Shuman at Elyria. Ohio September 15th
Married by Rev. W. L. Burner.

Miss Helen L Cosgrove was Married To Harold L Mills at Covington Ky. Nov 12, 1931 by Rev.
Laughner Lutheran Minister

Mr Richard W. Cosgrove was Born Sep. 13th 1860

Mrs. Matilda L. Cosgrove was Born March 25th 1872.

Mifs Ray. Cosgrove was Born May 10th 1891.

Mifs Gracie Marie Cosgrove was Born Nov. 10th 1892.

Mifs Bessie Fern Cosgrove was Born Dec. 7th 1894.

Mifs Nina Hazle Cosgrove was Born July 17th 1899.

A little infant Son was Born Dec. 23. 1897
And Died Dec. 24. 1897.

Henry Glen Cosgrove was Born March 19. 1902

Walter Richard Cosgrove was Born Feb. 14. 1905

Miss Helen Luella Cosgrove was Born Oct. 6. 1908.

Mifs Ray. Cosgrove Died Oct. 4. 1891. Aged 5 mo. 24 days

Mifs Bessie Fern Cosgrove Died Oct. 12. 1896
Aged one year. 10 mo and 12 day's

A little Son Died Dec. 24. 1897. two days old

Walter Richard Cosgrove Died July 24th 1906.
Aged one year. 5 mo and 7 days

Cosgrove Family Register
Stephen C. Cosgrove was Born June 9th 1806.

Hannah Cosgrove was Born March the 26th 1818.

William Cosgrove was Born August 19th 1839.

Willis Cosgrove was Born March 25th 1841.

Malissa Cosgrove was Born January 7th 1842.

Mary L. Cosgrove Born August 2. 1844.

Henry A. Cosgrove was Born May the 3. 1846.

Marvin C. Cosgrove was Born May 3rd 1847.

Stephen H. Cosgrove was Born June 13th 1849.

Ellis Cosgrove was Born August 3rd 1851.

Monrove Cosgrove Born April 10th 1858.

Marion Cosgrove Born Febuary 15th 1855

George W Cosgrove Born August 14th 1859

Richard D. cosgrove Born Sept. 13th 1860

Martha J. Cosgrove Born May 7th 1863.

Stephen C. Cosgrove and
Hannah Hiler was Married
February the 8th 1838.
Mrs. Hannah Cosgrove died
Friday. Sept. 11. 1891. at 5 o'clock
Aged 73 years 5 months and 16 days.
Enterment at Oceola cemetery.

Boyer Births
Christon C. Boyer Born June 2nd 1827.

Catherine Brehman Bom Jan. 8th 1828.

Adaline Boyer was Born Aug. 23rd 1849.

Martha Jane Boyer Born March 18th 1851.

David Franklin Boyer was Born Sept. 10th 1853.

Eusebia Boyer was Born July 10th 1855.

Aresta Lusinda Boyer was Born Dec. 2nd 1857

Elizabeth Francis Boyer was Born Oct. 14th 1859

Mary Ann Boyer was Born Jan. 28th 1862.

John N. Boyer was Born May 6th 1864

Agnes Rebecca Boyer was Born Feb 5th 1868

Matilda Luella Boyer was Born. March 25th 1872

Daughter Nina of Matilda Boyer & Richard Cosgrove

Christon C. Boyer To
Catherine Brehman was
Married in year of 1847.

[obit] Oldest Resident of Bucyrus, War Vet, Dies at 99
Special to The Star
Bucyrus, March 6 - William W. Cosgrove, 99, the city's oldest citizen, died Sunday at 5 p.m.
at his home on West Mansfield street, following an illness of three weeks.  He would have
celebrated his one-hundreth birthday anniversary Aug. 19, this year.
A native of Rochester, N. Y., Mr. Cosgrove had lived in Bucyrus since the close of the Civil
war and was one of the city's three surviving veterans of the war.  He enlisted in Battery
D, First Ohio Volunteer light artillery, saw service in some of the worst battles of the was
and was discharged July 15, 1865  He was a member of Keller Post No. 108, G. A. R.
Mr. Cosgrove was keenly interested in current affairs, and until his health began to fail two
months ago visited the business section of the city every day and usually attended a
A pleasant pastime for himself and his friends were his recollections of his youth.  At the
age of 11 he came with his parents to Ohio, making the trip in a covered wagon.  The
family left New York state in the winter and the following spring arrived in Ashland county.  
Mr. Cosgrove and his father made most of the trip on foot, leaving the room in the wagon
for his mother, the younger children and the household goods.  When he was a child, he
frequently recalled, many of his playmates were Indian children. During his service in the
Civil war the family moved from Ashland county to Crawford county.  He cast his first vote
for Abraham Lincoln in 1860.
Mr. Cosgrove was married in 1867 in Crawford county to Rebecca Bever.  She is deceased.
Surviving are four children, Mrs. William Morgan, Mrs. Elmer Kiefer and Bradford Cosgrove,
all of Bucyrus, and Mrs. R. T. Schell of Toledo.  Two brothers Richard and Marvin Cosgrove
of Bucyrus, both of whom are around 90 years of age, seven grandchildren and 11
great-grandchildren also survive.
Military funeral services, conducted by colonel Crawford Post.  American legion, will be held
at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the Wise funeral home.  Burial will be in Oakwood cemetery.

[obit] Death Takes A. M. Cosgrove Here Today
Oldest Licensed Plumber in Michigan Was 83; He Came to This city 53 Years Ago.
August Marion Cosgrove, 83 years old, the oldest licensed plumber in Michigan, died this
morning at Hatton hospital where he had been for the past two weeks.  He was taken ill
two and one half months ago and gradually failed, a man who had been blessed with
marvelous health and was active long beyond the ordinary span of life.
He came to this city 53 years ago to install the Wily Water Works, the first water system
in this city.  It was owned by the C. H. Venner Co. of New York and was operated as a
private utility until 1911, when the city withdrew the franchise as the city water system
was sufficient for the town and had been operating for a number of years.
Headquarters for the plant was in the east end where the wells were located.  For years
after the city system was installed many continued to take their drinking water from these
wells as the water was considered superior to the city supply.  Gradually the patrons
dropped off until there was little use for the old plant and it was discontinued.  The
building, a tall tower-like structure, was for many years a landmark in the east end of the

Retired Last Year.
After Mr. Cosgrove closed the plant here he went into the plumbing business and operated
for 26 years.  It was only last year, when he was 82 years old, that he sold his business
and retired.  Up to that time he had been active in the business doing much of the physical
work himself.  He was a small wiry man but with abundant strength and energy.  His shop
on Seventh street was known widely and in earlier years he was the leading plumber here.

Former Alderman
He was a city alderman for two years during 1909 and 1910 and for years took an active
interest in city politics.  His shop was headquarters many times for political groups that he
was interested in. He was born Ashland, Ohio, February 15, 1855. He comes from a family
of great longevity and is survived by a brother, William, who is 99 years old; another
brother, Marvin C. who is 91; and a younger brother, Richard, who is 78 years old, all living
in Bucyrus, Ohio.  His wife died last year and since then he has  continued to live at his
home at 711 Columbus street.  Also surviving are a number of nieces and nephews, and
two cousins, Mrs. Washington L. Smith and John T. Hiler, both of Grand Haven.
Funeral services will be held on Friday at 2:30 p.m. at the Van Zantwick funeral home with
Dr. Leonard Greenway, pastor of the Second Reformed church, officiating.  Burial will be in
the Lake Forest cemetery.

[obit]Mrs. Hannah Crosgrove Dead
Died - At her late home in Bucyrus township, Crawford county, O., Friday,
Sept. 11th, 1891, at 5 o'clock, p.m., after a lingering illness, Mrs. Hannah Cosgrove, aged
73 years, 5 months and 16 days.
Deceased was born in Penfield, Monroe county, N. Y., March 26th, 1818.  Her maiden name
was Hannah Hiler and she was married to Stephen C. Cosgrove Feb. 8, 1838.  She removed
with husband to Ashland, Ashland county, Ohio, in the fall of 1853, and from there to
Crawford county a number of years later since which last removal they have made their
home in Crawford county. She was the mother of thirteen children, ten sons and three
daughters.  Ten of her children, eight sons and two daughters, survive her.  She also at the
time of her death, had twenty-six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
At her girlhood home she had been a member of the M. E. church; but had never
transferred her membership to any of the churches in this state.  
However, she was a fervent Christian, ever kind and charitable to those about her; and by
her gentle, quiet life had won the highest esteem and respect of all who knew her.
The funeral took place Sunday, Sept. 13th, and was largely attended.  The services were
conducted at the late home by Rev. Wm. Mathers, who preached a very solemn and
impressive sermon from xix Job, 25th and 26th verses.  The large attendance at the funeral
evidences the high esteem in which she was so universally held.  Interment at the
cemetery south of Oceola.

[obit] Attend Rites For August Cosgrove, Former Bucyrian
Mr. and Mrs. Cosrgrove of South Spring street returned this week from Grand Haven, Mich.,
where they attended the rites for Mr. Cosgrove's brother, August Marion Cosgrove, 83, who
died there Nov. 15.  Burial was made at Grand Haven Nov. 18.
Mr. Cosgrove was a former resident of Crawford county, leaving this vicinity when a young
man.  For the last 57 years he had been making his home in Michigan, being a plumber in
Grand Haven most of that time.  He retired a year ago.
Mr. Cosgrove comes from a family known for its longevity.  Surviving are three brothers in
Bucyrus, William, who is 99, and Marvin, 92, and Richard, the youngest of the four brothers.
He was united in marriage three times, his third wife preceding him in death only a year
ago.  He had been ill two and a half months. Relatives from this vicinity attending rites
were: Richard Cosgrove and wife of Bucyrus, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cosgrove of Marion, C. E.
Cosgrove of Akron, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kramer of Mansfield, Mrs. Kenneth Morton of
Crestline, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tallman and family of Bucyrus.
Mr. Cosgrove had visited at different times in Bucyrus since his moving to Michigan.

[obit] C. C. Boyer
Former Bucyrus citizen dies at Kewanee, ind.
Christopher C. Boyer, a former resident of this county and father of Mrs. R. D. Cosgrove of
south Spring street, died Friday at his home in Kewanee, Ind., aged about 78 years.  Death
was due to a stroke of paralysis which he suffered last Wednesday.  The body will be taken
to Marion, O., Sunday and the funeral will occur at 10 o'clock Monday [torn] from the
home of his [torn]