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Family Bibles
William Corwin

Holy Bible in English; New York, Hodge and Campbell, 1792.

This Bible contains the records of William Corwin and Leah Johnson, his wife, of
Southold, Long Island, and their descendants, the Wrights and Ostranders.  It now
belongs to Miss Mary Ostrander of New York city, great-great-granddaughter of the
original owner.

My father James corwin was Born on longisland, southhold 1741 and departed this life
November Ninth one Thousand Seven hundred and Ninty one, aged fifty years two
months & Seventeen days and was Buried at goshen Near the Wallikill.

My mother, Mahetable Corwin, Daughter of William Horton was born at Southhold,
longisland, September the 29th, 1743.

William Corwin was Born at Southhold, longisland, March the 19th 1764 in the year of our
Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty-fore.

Leah Corwin daughter of Harman johnson was Born in New jersey Near midletown on the
11th day of may in the year of out Lord 1767.

Elizabeth Corwin was Born in New York the 28th of December 1794 on a Sunday morning
between ten & eleven o'Clock.

Sarah Ann Corwin was Born in New York May the 11th, 1790 on a wednesday evening
between ten & eleven o'clock.

my mother, phebe Johnson was Borne in the year of our Lord one thousen Seven hundred
and fifty (1750) on the 22nd day of febuary.

My Brother, William Johnson was Borne in the year of our Lord one Thousen Seven
hundred Sixty-five. 1765.

My sister, Sarah Johnson was Born in october the 27 on Sunday in the morning in the year

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,Genealogical
Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,taken from Family Bibles