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Family Bibles
Wesley Coons

Holy Bible in English; Family Register pages have been separated from the
Bible, no publishing information is available.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Sarah E. Coons and
Wesley Coons
were married Dec. 20 1876

Elda Coons and
Leonard D. Armlin
were married June
9th 1901.

Wesley Coons Nov. 2, 1852

Sarah E. Coons Aug. 6, 1860

Leonard D. Armlin May 13, 1877

Elda Coons Dec 12, 1881.

William I. Coons May 11th 1903

Susan Porter Coons. April 5, 1921

Wesley Coons Feb. 6 1934 about four o'clock in the morning

Elma Coons June 1918

Albert Coons Oct. 15, 1888

Polly Waneright Coons Feb. 1, 1882

Harvey Coons Sept. 26, 1928

Ezra Coons Oct. 16, 1930
funeral Mon. 20

Fred Coons Aug 1922

Chauncey Coons Jan.

Dora Coons Nov. 5, 1935

Emery Coons March 1941

Sarah E. Coons August 194_

Elda Coons Armlin Jan. 1st 1947