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Family Bibles
Joseph Cooley

Holy Bible in English; American Bible Society, New York, 1857.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genelaogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Owner's Inscription
Mrs. Olive Cooley
Gilford, Tuscola Co Mich

Joseph L Coley
Marrid to Olive Densmore
Tuesday, Jan 4. 1842

Jospeh L. Cooley Born in Delaware Co Ny Tuesday Sept 8 1813
Died Jan. 15th 1900

Olive Cooley Born in Warsaw Genesee Co Ny Sunday Dec 6 1818
Died Nov. 28th 1906

Angelette Cooley Born in Wiscoy, town of Hume Allgana [Allegany] Co Ny
Friday Nov 18 - 1842
Died Sep. 2nd 1862

George Wesley Cooley Born in Wiscoy town of Hume, Allegana Co Ny Monday
May 18. 1846
Died May 16. 1861

Charlotte Luella Cooley Born in McKean Co Pa Tuesday July.30. 1850

Orson Wilbor Cooley Born in McKean Co Pa Thirsday June 2 1853

Mary Louisa Cooley Born in Tuscola Co Mich Sunday July 1. 1855

Benjemin Coley Born in Tuscola Co Mich Sunday Aug 8, 1858

O. W. Cooley's daughter Lettie Born Feb 28th 1902

Olive born June 4th 1904

Bo A. Cooley's sib Walter H born May 7th 1894

Angelette E. Cooley died Sept 2 1862 aged 19 years - 10 mos [added later] 9
months 15 days
removed to the burying ground March 18, 1867
removed to Vassar cemetery Aug 28 - 1900

George Wesley Cooley born 1846 - Died 1861 May 16

Benjimin Cooley Died Geb - 19 - 1935 3 A.M. Grayling Mich - Buried in
Vanderbuilt 2-21-35