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Family Bibles
Edwin Cook

Holy Bible in English; London, Printed for Samuel Bagster, Paternoster Row. New York,
Republished by the American and Foreign Bible Society, 1849.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy :Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Front Cover inscription
Milton Saratoga County N. Y. Edwin H. Cook's Family Bible May 5th 1849

Edwin H. Cook and Sarah P. Smith was married Nov. 1st 1836

Mary E. daughter of Edwin H. and Sarah P. Cook was married to George F. Foster
November 1st 1855

Edwin H. Cook was born April 1st 1813

Sarah P. Smith (wife of Edwin H. Cook) was born August 13th 1812

Mary E. Cook was born September 6th 1837

Ann Venett Cook was born Nov. 29th 1843

Leverett More Cook was born Feb. 7th 1851

Leverett M. Cook Died June 30th 1854

Edwin H. Cook Died July 8. 1889

Sarah P. Cook Died May 26th 1897