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Family Bibles
Connell Family

Holy Bible in English; American Bible Society, New York, 1879.

This Bible's Family Register pages seem to have been filled in by a variety of people,
including a younger person. Please only take the information as a guide.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Leland and Agnes Sanborn 1930
Bud and Anna Connell 1940
Wallace and Ruth Connell 1943
Connie and Bob McNeilly 1948
Gertrude & Donald Mathewson 1951
Charlotte & Charles Hurst 1924
Barbara Sanborn to Fred Williams 1960
Susan [Sanborn] to Bill Twombly 1969
Betsey [Sanborn] to Craig Burham 1969

Mr Smith July 30 daddy
Mrs Smith mother March 22
Gertrude Smith Jan 14 1925
Mrs Grandmother Smith don't know
Mrs Grandmother Connell May 7 1840
Grandpa Connell 1848
Grandpa Smith
Don Mathewson March 1924
Carl [Mathewson] May 1st 1952
Alice [Mathewson] March 19, 1954
Roger [Mathewson] June 26 1957
Mark [Mathewson] august 30 1960
Jimmie Connell (children Wallace) 1949
Twin boys Edward & Richard 1957
Louise and Scott children Connie & Bob
Martha children of "Bud" Connell 1943

Kimberly Williams - Barbaras child 1969

Grandmother Mrs. Connell 1936
Daddy Mr. Smith 1931
Grandmother Mrs. Smith 1934, came from England
Grandpa Mr. Smith 1935
Grandpa Connell 1927, came from Scotland
Marie Louise Sanborn 1962
Gertrude Connell age 21 1904
Carl Connell 1945
Louise [Connell] 1967
Monday, June
26, 1967