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David Conger
Family Register

Hand-written register of the children of David and Rachel (Wilber) Conger. David was born about 1778 in
Danby, VT. The letter was written by Salie (Conger) White,  third child of David and Rachel. Salie used the
married names of her sisters and herself. Death dates were added by someone else, likely the recipient of
the letter as they seem to be all in the same hand.

David Conger Family

Miriam Roy was born June. 26. 1800. Died 1880

Noel Conger was born Jan. 30. 1802. Died July. 21. 1885

Salie White was born Apr. 15. 1803. died Feb 18 1884

Moses Congers was born May. 14. 1805.  [died] 1817

Ann Ford was born March. 24. 1807.  [died] March 20 1895

George Congers was born Aug. 25. 1809. [died] Jan 4 1893

Abraham Conger was born Oct. 25. 1811. Died Jan 20. 1887

Steven Conger was born Jan. 28. 1814. Died Jan 25 1844

Salie White Helesburg Synoma Co Cal

The letter is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.