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Charles Combs

Holy Bible in English; New York, American Bible Society, 1855.

This Bible was the property of Susan Sophronia Haskell and her husband Charles Milton
Combs. Charles is listed in the vital records as having been born in Middlefield, Mass.
April 27, 1833 the son of Milton and Laura Coombs. He had siblings; Almira, Andrew
Meacham, Ebenezer Stacy John and Louisa. S. Sophronia, as she known in the Bible
entries, was born in Peru, Mass. on February 9, 1839, daughter of Ebenezer and Lydia
Haskell. She had sibling named; Mary, Richard Baxter and Lydia Eliza.
The Bible entries are in a dozen different handwritings and inks. The entries filled the
pages and later entries are written in the margins with the latest being in 1971.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C.G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

S. Sophronia Haskell Presented by her Father Sept'r 15, 1858

At Peru, sept 15th 1858. Charles M. Combs of Middlefield and S. Sophronia Haskell were
Married by Aaron W. Leland of South Carolina.

At Middlefield April 23rd 1884 Their son Arthur was married to Mary E. Smith of
Middlefield by J. M. Rockwood.

Oct 21st 1884 Their Son John was married to Annie Martin of Thompsonville Ct.

At Middlefield Sept 17th 1888 By Rev Mr Woodhull our Daughter Cora Bell was Married to
Frank E. Vining

At Springfield May 22nd 1889 By Rev. Mr. Cone Arthur was Married to Hellen Virginia Mills

At Huntington Feb. 25th 1892 By Rev. Mr. Gould their son William A was married to Kate

At Springfield Dec 25th 1893 by Rev Dr Burham, Charles Richard was Married to Marietta
French of Washington DC.

At Chester Nov 26th 1896 by Rev J. D. Murphy, Ada L was Married to Edwin F. Mills of W.

Dec 12th 1901 by Rev W S Walker at Chester Mabel Estelle was Maried to Geo H. Empsall
of Springfield

[the following are in the margins of the Marriages Page]

Died Dec 18 1932
Dorothy Combs and Elton Smith Daughter of Arthur and Helen Comb Married Oct.

Mollie Jean daughter of Geo and Mabel Emphrall married to Thomas G. Carr Oct 8" 1938
Longmeadow Church by Rev. Wagner.

Margeret Comb Daughter of Louis & Hazel Combs Married to Robert Martin Feb 27-1944
Robert reported missing over China Nov 16-1944.

Kenneth Smith son of Dorothy Smith & Marion Streeter married
Kenneth reported missing over Germany July 1944.

Barbara Comb daughter of Raymond and Dorothy Combs married to Sam Chapin Nov. 24"

Children of Cha's Combs

Dec 12. 1859 their Son Arthur Philetus was born

July 23d 1861 their son John Clifford was born

May 5th 1863. Their Daughter Cora Bell was born.

March 21st 1865. Their Son William Ashley was born.

Nov 4th 1869. Their Son Charles Richard was born.

Sep 11th 1872. Their Daughter Ada L. was born.

Jan 12th 1878 Their Son Frankie Eugene was born

July 2nd 1880 Their daughter Mabel Estelle was born

Grand Children of C M Combs

Aug 24th 1885 A son Louis to Arthur & Mary was born

June 14th 1885 A son was born and died to John and Annie

June 3rd 1887 A son Winnifred to Arthur and Mary was born

July 25" 1891 a son to Arthur and Helen was born Arthur P.

Dec 18" 1891 daughter Hazel to Cora Bell was born.

Feb 1st 1894 Paul Milton was born to Cora & Frank

July 22 1894 Raymond was born to Will & Kate

Apr 22 1901 Edna Sophronia was born to Will and Kate

Dec 9th 1898 Pauline was born to Charlie and Marie

Ella Mills born Nov 29"1893 daughter to Arthur and Helen.

Richard born July 30 1897 Son to Arthur and Helen

Dorothy Mills born Jan 13"1896 daughter to Arthur and Helen.

Irma Collins born Aug 7"1899 daughter to Arthur and Helen.

Harold born Jan 23 1895 son to Arthur and Helen

Mollie Jean born April 11-1915 daughter to Mabel and George Empsall

Dorothy daughter of [ink blot] Combs Jr & Gertrude May 31"1910.

Barbara Jane born Sep 12-1922 daughter to Raymond & Dorothy Phelps Combs.

Howard Jr. born Mch 29.1925 son to Edna and Howard Collins.

Eleanor Marjory born Feb. 22, 1918. daughter to Raymond & Ella Combs James.

Arthur Robert - born May, 8, 1926 son to Henry & June child

Margaret Combs born Apr 26 1923 daughter to Louis E Combs & Hazel Borlett

Henry Willard Jr. born Aug. 2, 1927. to Henry Willard and Irene Child Comb

Kenneth Edwin Smith born Aug 16" 1921 - son of Dorothy & Elton Smith also
Stanley Elton Smith born Jan 5" 1925

Daughter born to Margaret Combs Martin Feb. 27"1945

May 19th 1878 Frankie Eugene died Aged 4 months

June 21st 1887 Mary wife of Arthur Combs died aged 28

Feb 25th 1902 Hazel - Cora's daughter died aged 10 years

May 18th 1905 Winifred died aged 18 Arthur's son

Mabel Combs Empsall age 81 Feby 1 1961

Ada Combs Mills died at age 98 yrs - July 29, 1971.

Mother Laura Combs died March 3rd 1878. aged 81 years.

John Combs died Aug 20th 1862. in Richmond Va. aged 28.

Andrew M. Combs died Jan 11th 1885. aged 53.

Elmira Combs Rude died Sept 2nd 1897 Aged 69

May 12th 1902 Stacy Combs died in rural Mass Age 80

May 22nd 1905 Louis Smith died aged 80

Charles R. Combs died June 1915 age 46

S. Sophronia Combs died March 31 1911 age 72

Charles Milton Combs died Sept 6-1912. age 79-

Kate Lathrop Combs - Nov. 15 1927

Wm A. Combs July 11"1938

Erwin F. Mills Mar 8"1944 husband of Ada Combs

Arthur P. Combs Oct 2"1950 wife of Helen Mills

Cora Vining died Oct 11-1956

Frank Vining Husband Cora June 14 - died 1930

Polly - Mrs. Alan Van Wert

Charles Milton Combs - S. Sophronia Haskell Married in Peru - Sept 15. 1855

Arthur Philetus Born Dec 12-1859
John Clifford Born July 23-1861
Cora Bell born May 5-1863
William Ashley Born Mar 21-1865
Charles Richard born Nov 21-1869
Ada L Born Sept 11-1872
Frankie Eugene born Jan 12-1878
Mabel Estelle Born July 2-1880

Brother - 2 Sisters
Arthur 89 yrs
Cora 87 yrs
Ada 78 yrs

Arthurs children Irene-Dorothy-Louis
Arthur Jr.-Ella

Cora's one son Paul
Ada no children

Irene 2 boys one girl
Arthur Jr. Junior-Virginia 2 married

Dorothy 1 son lost 1 son in the was-
Stanley Married

Louis one daughter Margaret - lost 1st husband in war - married again

Ella one daughter Eleanor Sutcliff

Arthur Jr. one daughter
one step daughter
divorced 1st wife
Married again Banker in Stoneman Mass

Raymond -brother Williams
son one daughter Barbara Chapin

Pauline brother Charlie's daughter

Wm A. Combs Mar 21-1865
Charles R. Combs Nov 4-1869
Arthur P Combs Dec 12-1859
John Combs July 23-1861
Cora B Combs May 5-1863
Ada L Combs Sept 1-1872
Frankie Eugene Jan 12-1878
Mabel Estelle July 2-1880

Irene Combs to Hervey Child married

Arthur P Combs Jr to Gertrude 1st wife
Dec 5-1909
one daughter Dorothy
Second wife Trixy

Louis E. Combs married to Hazel Borlett Sept 8"1915
One daughter Margaret

Married to Robert Martin, Feb 27 1944 Longmeadow Con. Church
Robert reported missing over China in Nov. 16 1944. Daughter

Dorothy combs married to Elton Smith

Kenneth Smith married to Marion Streeter
Dorothy's son reported missing over Germany July 1944

Stanley Smith, Dot's son married to Ruth Forest 1946 May

Pauline Vining daughter of Paul & Sally married Feb 9" 1946 to Allan Van Wert
of Schenectady N.Y.
Son born Mar 20 1947 (George Vining) to Polly & Allan

Son Sam Jr. (Sandy) born to Barbara Combs Chapin Mar 1" 1947 son of Sam Chapin