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Family Bibles
Augustus Combs

Holy Bible in English; [title page missing, from NT title page] Silas Andrus and Son,
Hartford, 1853.

The Family Bible of Augustus and Huldah (Capwell) Colvin, of Factoryville, Pennsylvania.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library,Irwin, Iowa.

Owner's Inscription
Augustus Colvin
1870 Factoryville, Pa.

Augustus Colvin to Miss Huldah Capwell January 24th 1852

Sunday July 16. 1871 at tw oclock The Moste Terrific Hail storm Ever Nown this Part of
the Country Hail as Big as Walnuts and laying in heeps of several quarts together at one
o clock Monday the 17. 1871

Augustus Colvin Was born September 10th 1824

Huldah Colvin Was Born August 1st 1829
Huldah Colvin Died February 5th 1863 at 5 minutes before 2 oclock P. M Aged 33 years 6
mon and 4 dys

Frank Welder Colvin Was Born 5th November 1852

C. Webster Colvin Was Born June 20th 1854

Claton Colvin Born August 7th 1857 in the town of West Liberty, Jay County, Indiana

Fidelia A. Colvin Ded March 20th 1867 15 minutes before 11 A. M

Fred Augustus Colvin Was born March 9th 1865

Wm Dayton Colvin Born Oct 10th 1866/7 [7 overwritten on the last 6]

Isaac Henry Colvin Born Febuary 29. 1868

Phebe Ann Colvin Born June 16th 1869

Joseph Walter Colvin Born March 22 1874

Edger Sharrer Colvin Dec 4th 1874

Artless D. Colin Born October 30 1878

Olive E Colvin Born May 24th 1883

Ziporah Hordin Born March 3d 1843
Died at Factoryville Pa December 27, 1904

Isaac Henry Colvin Died Apr 26, 1911
Artless Calvin Cobb [Died] July 17, 1931.
Fred A. Colvin [Died] Oct. 1, 1932
C. Webster Colvin [Died] Feb 4, 1933
Frank W. Colvin [Died] Mar 4, 1933
Jos Walter Colvin [Died] Feb 14, 1948
William D Colvin [Died] June 10, 1942
Ziporah H. Colvin [Died] Dec 27, 1904
Augustus Colvin [Died] Dec 4, 1907
Edgar S. Colvin [Died] 1956