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Family Bibles
John Colbeck

Holy Bible in English; Only one Family Register page survives, publisher and date unknown.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Family Register
Parents Names
Husband: John Colbeck
Born: December 6th 1840
Wife: Sarah Colbeck
Born April 18th 1841
Married: At St marys Church Tickhill on Whitmonday
By the Rev Charles Bury Vicar

Children Names
Samuel Colbeck Born Sept 3 1864 At Tickhill

Julia Colbeck Born April 8th 1864 At Tickhill

Ernest Hedley Colbeck Born March 9th 1870 At Tickhill

Constance Beatrice Mary Colbeck Born at Kilnhurst April 9th 1879

Joseph Slater Turner Born Jany 28 1886 at Tuckhill

John Willie Son of Samuel & Fanny Colbeck born April 13th 1889

Harold Milner Son of Arthur & Julia Milner July 20th 1895

John Thomas Milner son of Arthur & Julia Milner born June 12 1893

George Samuel Colbeck Son of Samuel & Fannie Colbeck Born Dec 1st 1893