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Family Bibles
William Cohick

Holy Bible in English; New York, American Bible Society, 1880.

William Cohick was Born Sept 15 18.40

Elizabeth Cohick was Born Oct 25. 18.40

Scott J. Cohick was Born: Mar 7th 18.61

Elsworth Cohick was Born: Jan. 18.64

George Cohick was Born: April 12th 18.66

Clara Cohick was Born: Feb 18.68

Flora Cohick was Born: April. 6th 18.71

Infant Cohick was Born: Nov. 18.73

Walter E. Smith was born August 27th 1890

Jamie Lester Cline born march 17th 1905

Elizabeth A. Cline, was born Feb; 11th 1896

Luther Leroy Cline was born January 31st 1899

Lloyd William Cline was born January 14th 1901

Alfred Sylvester Cline was born January 30th 1903

The Bible was sold at auction from Cogan Station, PA and present location unknown. The
Cohick family seems to be from Mifflin, Lycoming Co., PA.