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Family Bibles
Dr. Stephen H. Cloyd

Holy Bible in English; Chicago, Thompson & Thomas, 1898.

This is the Family Bible of Dr. Stephen H. & Flora Elizabeth (Fellers) Cloyd, of West
Alexandria, Preble County, Ohio. The Cloyd family were early settlers in this area from

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

S. H. Cloyd & Lizzie Cloyd July 20th 1882.

Earl R. Cloyd & Bessie M. Pierson September 22th 902.

C. B. Peirson & Izolia Peirson March 16th 1884

Philip Richard & Edith Peirson January 6th 1903

Wertie J. Creig & Gracie B Peirson June 15th 1905

Velma G. Cloyd & Herschel S. Koontz April 22, 1926

S. H. Cloyd M D July 3rd 1861.
Lizzie Cloyd Fellers Feb 20th 1864

E. R. Cloyd May 30th 1883.
Bessie Pierson Cloyd September 19th 1884.

C. B. Peirson May 7th 1858
Izolia Gasskill July 18th 1862

Velma Gertrude Cloyd June 28th 1903

Edith Fay Peirson August 12th 1886
Gracie Bell Peirson February 14th 1888
Josie Ople Peirson August 11th 1892
Earl B. Peirson November 3d 1894
Mable E Peirson May 19th 1896
Silvie L. Peirson July 22th 1898
Lucile Peirson August 13th 1901

Stephen H. Cloyd July 29, 1914

Earl R. Cloyd Feb 3, 1934

Lizzie Cloyd Sept 27, 1956

Bessie M. Cloyd 1962

Velma G. Koontz Dec 31, 1975

Herschel S. Koontz

Earl B. Peirson January 23d 1895

Lucile Peirson November 22th 1907