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Family Bibles
Robert Clark

Holy Bible in English; Andrus and Judd, Hartford, Ct., 1836.

The Family Bible of Robert N. Clark and Mary M. Boylston, his wife.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Robert N. Clark was maried to Mary M. Boylston January #22 - - 1839 -

Phillip T Denman was maried to Margaret S Clark January 14=1850

Sanford Clark was maried to Anna Georgenia Tucker January #3=1866

William Edgar Clark Was maried to Abbie Boylston Clark Dec 24 1867

Robert N. Clark was born October th16. 1814
Mary M. Clark was born June th5- 1816

Sanford Clark was born March 21th = 1842
Abey B. Clark was born October th19=1846
Nelson Clark was Born September th6-1868
William Edgar Clark Was Born July th24. 1841

Carrie Marsh Clark Was Born June th29. 1870
Harold Boylston Clark was born August 28th 1872
Mary Boylson Clark was born August 16st 1876
Edna Will Clark was born Nov. 2nd 1881.
Clarence Winfield Clark was born May 6, 1888.

Anna Georgenia Tucker Was Born March th11 1843

Sanford H. Clark was born May th26 -- 1812
Mary Ann Clark was born March th22 -- 1818
Abigail Clark was born March th16 - 1820
Margaret S Clark was born October th1 -- 1825
Anna Ludlow Searing Was Born August th18. 1793

Robert Clark Died November th12. 1835
Ary Ann Clark Died August th23  1835 Aged 17 years 5 months 1 day
Abigail Clark Died March th4  1845 Aged 24 years 11 months 18 days

Robert N. Clark Died August 10  1891 Aged 76 yrs. 9 mo. 24 das
Abbie B. Clark Died April 1, 1892
Nelson Clark Died in Las Angeles July 14 - 1939

[Letter to Marshall Co., Ill clerk]

[reply from clerk written at top of letter]
Mary B. Peck.
My Dear Lady
I am sorry but our records start in December 1877. therefore there isnt any
record of your birth.
Sincerely yours
Herb Roth
County Clerk
Lacon, Ill

[body of letter]
Zellwood. Florida.
June 10-1942.
Mr. Herb Roth.
Lacon, Illinois.
Dear Sir - I wish to make application for my birth certificate. I was born at
Henry Illinois August 16th 1876. My father name was William Edgar Clark and
my Mothers name was Abbie Boylston Clark. The attending physician was
Charles Davis M. D.
Yours truly
Mary B. Peck
Zellwood, Florida
P. O. Box 117
My maiden name was
Mary Boylston Clark.

[photo, probably of Mrs. Charles McCormick, Baltimore, MD]

Letter to American Bible Society, inquiring about the history of the Bible,
[See scan]