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Family Bibles
Ruth Christy

Holy Bible in English; Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago, 1947.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

This Bible is a contemporary Bible, and has a fold out chart in the back for
family information. It will be more of an extraction, rather than a transcription
but the information in its original context can be seen in the scans.

Presentation Page
Presented to Ruth L Christy by Charles M Christy date March 21, 1949.

Marriage Record
Husband: Charles M Christy
Birth date: July 25 - 1906
Wife: Ruth L Christy
Birth date: Oct 31. 1908.
Date of Marriage: June 26. 1933.
Preformed by: Rev Smith
At: June 26 at 4.30 oclock

Father's Family Tree
Father's Name: Edward F. Reese
His Father: Alvin Christy
His Mother: Ruth Whealock

Mother's Family Tree
Mother's Name: Emma R McGonigal

Name: Emmlie
Born: Sept 1, 1941

Milestones of Our Family
Dady pas away Dec 26 - 1955 on Monday. he was 86 he new we loved him, a
grate lost in our families. I loved him so much. Ruthie Christy.

Members of Our Family
Name: E. T. Reese
Relationship: Father
Born: Aug 10 - 1869
Passed On: Dec 26 - 1955