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Family Bibles
John Chapman

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

John Fountain Chapman & Lucy Niles Williams United in marriage Oct 2, - - - 1806

Pelatiah Armstrong Fink & Loezar Chapman United June 30, - 1829

Benjamin Blackman & Caroline Fountain Chapman United Jan 16th 1831.

Eli Corey & Lucy Ann Chapman United Nov 2, 1834.

Grove Watson & Harriet Chapman United Oct 20th, 1846

John Henry Chapman & Sophia Boswell United Sept. 1857

Caroline Fountain Chapman, Norwich, May 15 1810.

Loezar Chapman, Norwich, April 4th 1812.

Fountain Chapman, Norwich, March 20 1814

Lucy Ann Chapman, Norwich, August 28th 1816.

John Henry Chapman, Franklin, July 6th, 1818.

Charles Williams Chapman, Franklin, Feb 21st, 1820.

Harriet Chapman, Franklin, Apr 3, 1822.

John Fountain Chapman, oldest son of John & Ann Fountain Chapman was
born Feb 11th 1777.

Lucy Niles Williams, daughter of Robert & Hannah Newton Williams, was born Aug 12th

Ann Fountain, relict of John Chapman & mother of John F. Chapman was born April 1745.

Robert Williams, father of Lucy N. Williams, was born June 1st 1759.

Hannah Newton, mother of Lucy N. Williams, was born July 21st 1764.

Robert Williams & Hannah Newton were married Aug 31st 1779.

Nancy Williams born June 12th 1783

Francis Williams July 26th 1785.

Lucy N. Williams Aug 12 1787.

Sally Williams May 24 1791.

Clarine (corrected from Clarence, it looks like) Aug 2d 1793.

Isaac Williams July 21st 1796.

Betsey Williams Feb 6th 1798.

Sally Williams, wife of John A. Williams, and only surviving daughter of Robert and
Hannah Williams died March 29th 1868 aged 71

Fountain Chapman died Aug 30th, 1815.

John Fountain Chapman died May 16th 1853, aged 76.

Lucy Niles Chapman died June 14th 1854, aged 67.

Benjamin Blackman died March 13th 1872, aged 62 yrs.
Caroline Fountain Chapman, wife of Benjamin Blackman Died April 4, 1897.

Ann Fountain Chapman, relict of John Chapman of Groton, (who was drowned in the river
Thames, in Norwich, Conn. July 1784) Died Nov - 1824, aged 84.

Nathan Chapman, only surviving brother of John F. Chapman, April 1853, aged 74.

Frances Chapman, wife of Nathan Chapman and sister of Lucy N. W. Chapman died____.