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Nathan Chapin

Various genealogy papers found in the manuscript book: In Memory of Heber, a book about the
short life of Thomas Heber Chapin.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office of the Secretary
Revolutionary War Service
Nathan Chapin

Nathan Chapin: Appears with the rank of Sergeant on Muster and Pay Roll of Lieut. Enoch Cooper's
Co., Col. David Leonard's Regt., engaged in expedition to Ticonderoga, May 9, 1777 - Enlisted May
16, 1777 - Service 2 mos. 1 day.  
Vol. 18: p. 58.

Nathan Chapin: Appers with rank of Sergeant on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Phinehas Stebbins'
Co., Col. Nathan Sparhawk's regt. - Detached by ordr of Council of Sept. 17, 1778 to reinforce Gen.
Sullivan. Enlisted Sept. 20, 1778. Service 2 mos. 23 days. Residence- Springfield.
Vol. 22: p. 199.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office if the Secretary.
Boston, January 17, 1896.

I certify the foregoing to be true abstracts from the Record Index of the Revolutionary War
Archives deposited in this office.

Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth.
Wm. M. Olin

Anne H. Cresson, Sec'y and Treas.
244 School Lane,
Germantown, Philadelphia

Mary Q. butler

Bureau of Genealogy

Philadelphia   189_

Nathan Chapin

Nathan Chapin, b. Feb. 3. 1735. d. Feb. 13, 1830.
1. Mary Smith of Ashfield = pub. Dec. 15, 1757.
Japhet Chapin b. Mch. 16, 1697. d. Feb. 8, 1736.
2. Thankful Dickinson of hatfield = pub. Apl. 22, 1726.
Thomas Chapin b. May 10, 1671, d. Aug. 27, 1755. m. 1694.
3. Sarah Wright d. July 26, 1770.
Japhet Chapin of Chicopee b. 1642, d. Feb. 20, 1712.
4. Abilemah Cooley m. July 22, 1664.
Samuel Chapin, Boston 1641 Springfield 1642, d. Nov. 11, 1675.
Cisely d. Feb. 8, 1683.
                                          Chapin Family

Samuel Chapin supposed to have been a Huguenot, fled to Holland where he married Cicely, a
French Maiden and went to Dartmouth England and emigrated to Roxbury.

                                          Ancient Widsor, Vol. II, p. 145.

1. Mary Smith  not traced.

2. Thankful Dickinson b. Sept. 11, 1702
Nathaniel Dickinson b. 1663.
Hepzibah Gibbs (dau. Samuel) d. 1713.
Nathaniel Dickinson b. 1644. d. Oct. 11 1710.
Hannah d. eb. 3, 1679.
Nathaniel Dickinson, Northfield 1637, d. June 16, 1676.

                                        Hist. Deerfield, p. 145.

Hepzibah Gibbs b. 12 June 1664 (?)
Samuel Gibbs m. 15 Apr 1664.
Hepzibah Dibble, dau. Thos. Dibble & Eliz. Hayden (mar. 1635)
Giles Gibbs - Dorchester 1633 Windsor 1641

                                        Ancient Windsor p. 287 p. 174.

3. Sarah Wright b, May 8, 1673
Abel Wright of Springfield 1655. d. Oct. 29, 1725
Martha Kitcherel dau. of Samuel of Hartford d. Oct. 19, 1708.

4. Abilenah Cooley, not traced.

Genealogy Letter
Elizabeth Castner, daughter of Samuel & Mary Castner, was born June 13th 1776.
Married Nathan Chapin March 13th 1795 at Gwynedd Montgomery Co. & died Jan 14th 1854.

Samuel (1st) born Jan 10th 1796 - died July 11th 1796.

Samuel (2nd) born Dec. 12th 1797 - died June 1834.

Louisa born Feb. 8th 1800 - died May 27th 1823.

William born Oct. 17th 1802 - died Sept. 20th 1888.

Maria born M'ch 9th 1805 - died July 9th 1894.

Samuel married Emma Ferdier in 1820.
Children William & Louisa, both married.
Louisa Chapin unmarried
William married Elizabeth Hun Rasselt M'ch 26th 1828.
John Rasselt born Dec 3d 1829. Married Harriet Elvira Preston.
Tomas Heber born Nov. 6th 1831 - died Aug. 5th 1853.
William Castner born Nov 13th 1833, marr'd Emily Irwin Rudd
Anna Elizabeth born May 24 1836 - Marr'd William Beatty Thompson.
Harriet Maria born january 22nd 1838 - Married William Hill.

Copy from old family Bible of William Chapin.
Samuel Castner (my Grandfather) born June 11th, 1737.
Mary Castner (his wife) born Dec. 7th 1745.
John Castner (their son) born Oct. 3d 1765.
Enoch born Jan. 14th 1767.
Susan born Jan. 14th 1769.
Jesse [born] July 16th 1770.
Samuel Jr. April 30th 1772.
Mary Castner Aug. 16th 1774
Elizabeth June 13th 1776.
Jacob February 11th 1779.
Rachel April 29th 1782.

Susannah Castner died Sept. 15th 1769 aged 8 mo. 1 day
John Castner died Feb. 27th 1810 aged 44 yrs & 4 mos.
Mary - Wife of Abraham Wagener died June 10th 1824.
Samuel Castner Jr. died in Milo, Yates Co. N. Y. Oct. 16th 1839.

Genealogy Letter (not scanned due to its size)
Genalogy of Samuel Chapin (son of John Chapin) was christened in the Parish of Paignton Church
of St. John Baptist, County of Devonshire, Diocese o Exeter, England Oct. 8, 1598. He was the son
of John Chapin.
Samuel Chapin married Cicely, daughter of Henry Penney, christened in the same church, eb. 21,
1601, all of which is certified by A. Sinzee Giles, Vicar of Paignton.
Cicely Penny was the daughter of Henry Penny of Paignton.

Samuel Chapin took the Freeman Oath Boston June 2d 1641 and came to reside in Springfield,
with his family in 1642. Deacon Samuel Chapin died Nov. 11, 1675, age not known.
Mrs Cicely Chapin died Feby 8, 1683, age not known.

Japhet Chapin, son of Samuel Chapin, b. 1642, Died Feby 20, 1712 age 70. Married Abilenah
Cooley, died Nov. 17, 1710.

Thomas Chapin, son of Japhet and Abilenah Chapin, b. May 10, 1671, d. Augt 27, 1755, age 85.
Married Sarah Wright who died July 26, 1770, age 98.

Japhet Chapin, son of Thomas and Sarah (Wright) Chapin b. March 16, 1697, d. Feby 8. 1786, age
89. Married Thankful Dickinson, Married 2d Lydia Belding. d. June 19, 1790, age 92.

Nathan Chapin, son of Japhet and Thankful Chapin, Sergeant &c. b. Feby 3, 1735, m. Dec. 15,
1757 to Mary Smith of Hunterstown Now Ashfield. Died at residence of son Japhet on Buckland
Feby 13, 1830, age 96.

Nathan Chapin 2nd, son of Nathan and Mary (Smith) Chapin, b. 1767. Died ept. 13, 1826. Married
Elizabeth Castner of Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., Penna, b. 1776, died Jany 14 1854 age 78.

William Chapin, son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Castner) Chapin, b. in Philadelphia 1802. Died in
Philadelphia Sept. 20, 1888, age 86. Married Elizabeth Hun Bassett of Bushwick, Long Island, b.
1798, d. Oct. 1884.

John  Bassett Chapin, son of William and Elizabeth Hun Chapin b. Dec. 4, 1829. Married Harriet E.
Preston, Mar. 18, 1858, daughter of Silas Preston and arah Preston (S.P. Soldier War of 1812).

Now living children of John B. Chapin and Harriet (Preston) Chapin.
Harriet Elizabeth (Chapin) Bodine b. Mar. 6, 1859.
Frances Preston (Chapin) Gilbert b. Oct. 25, 1860.
Eleanor (Chapin) Mosher b. Mar. 16, 1862.
John D. Chapin, b. Feby 28, 1864.

Frances Preston m. Rev. Morris Gilbert Oct. 5, 1892. Daughter of John Bassett Chapin and Harriet
E. (Preston) Chapin.
William Morris Gilbert Jr. April 18, 1894.
Harriet Elizabeth Gilbert July 9, 1900.
Frances Chapin Gilbert March 18, 1902.

Harriet Elizabeth Gilbert married Monmouth S. G. Buckbee in Yonkers, N.Y., Oct. 18, 1922.
Monmouth Gilbert Buckbee, son of Harriet & Monmouth S. G. Buckbee born Nov. 23, 1923.

Monmouth Gilbert Buckbee married Jean Marnion [?] Sept. 18, 1954 in White Plains, N. Y.

Monmouth Sela Buckbee, son of Monmouth & Jean Buckbee, born July 18, 1955.
Diana Buckbee, daughter of Monmouth & Jean Buckbee born Aug. 27, 1956.