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Heber Chapin

Heber, son of William & Elizabeth Chapin, died suddenly on August 5, 1853. His father
wrote this memorial book to him.

Memorial of HEBER
Died in Geneva, N. Y.
August 5, 1853

Heber T. Chapin, or, as he was christened, Thomas Heber Chapin, was born in New York
City, on Sunday Morning, Nov. 6th 1831. He was a healthy and well formed child.
Dec. 11th /31 it is recorded in my Diary - "Our babe grows and improves - cries but
seldom and is a fine healthy child. We have not yet determined on a name although he
is this day five weeks old. I have thought of the name Edward Heber, the character of
Reginald Heber (late Bishop of Calcutta) I admire for his worth & piety.
"Sabbath Feb. 19th 1832. "Our youngest child was this day baptized by the Rev. S. H.
Meeker, at his parsonage in Bushwick, in presence of Mr. Nich. N. Wyckoff, an Elder.
Our own Pastor, Mr. Patton is absent. We have named our son, Thomas Heber Chapin.
Thomas being after Thomas Hun, our cousin, of Albany, and of Elizabeth's brother. He
is this day three months & 13 days old - a fine child, large of his age and very healthy.
April 8, 1832 - I have just added a valuable work to my library - The Memoirs of
Reginald Heber D. D. by his widow. I have procured the work. I had it permanently
bound, as a present to my respect for the memory of that good man. I have had his
name placed in the cover of each volume nd desire that they may be kept and studied
by him. They may instruct him, if he lives, when I am gone & beyond the power of
guiding his footsteps. There is sufficient in the excellent character of Bishop Heber to
excite his highest emulation. I hope sincerely that he may profit by it.
Our little Heber improves everyday. He is quite a fat, chubby, little fellow, and enjoys
good health.
Jan. 28, 1833 - We have just had our little boy weighed. Heber, aged one year two
months and 22 days, weighs 25 pounds. He has gained one lb. every 18 days, since his
Sep. 10, 1833 Our little son Heber begins to lisp several words.
Heber commenced going to school in May or June 1835 at the little District School
house near our farm in Yates County. He was then only three year and six months old.
He continued going to this little School as te weather permitted until our family
removed to Columbus, Ohio in May 1840. His brothers, John & William also attended,
being their first school also. Mifs Esther Miller (now Mrs. Newell of Indianapolis) taught
them a portion of the time. This old School House still exists, but not for the same
purpose. It was purchased by Mr. Tompkins who removed it to the south end of his
house, nearby, and converted it into a workshop for wagon making.
During the last winter of our residence in Yates County (1839-40) our children had the
advantage of receiving instruction in the same humble little School House of Elder
Lamb, a Baptist preacher, of the neighborhood.
We reached Columbus, O. on the 17th May 1840 and resided in the Institution for the
Blind. Heber was then eight years & six months old. He was soon placed in School
again, walking about a mile to the School House daily.
We resided in charge of the Institution, until August 1846, during which Heber
continued attending the best schools we could provide, and with very little
intermission. During the latter three years he was under the instruction of Rev. W.
Sawyer and Rev. W. Covert, in which he attended to mathematics and the general
English Branches.
Having removed in August 1846 to Geneva N. York, Heber was placed in Mr.
Culbertson's Academy here he continued about six months and then discontinued going
to school.
In November 1847 he had a short but serious illnefs, from which he recovered. Dr.
Graham attended him.

--the above was written by William Chapin, father of heber Chapin. Heber died in
Geneva at the age of 21. I believe he was taking a vacation fromhis work at
Strawbridge's Department Store in Philadelpha, Pa. and apparently suffered an attack of
some kind and died suddenly, far away from his family in Philadelphia.