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Family Bibles
Amanda Chandler

Holy Bible in English; A. J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia, 1874.

This is a record of Amanda (Johnson) Chandler/Hanby and her two marriages, and the
children and step-children from those marriages.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Owner's Inscription
Amanda Chandlers book bought in Richwood Union Co O Jan. 1875

Anson H Chandler and Amanda Johnson were married April 21st 1864 by Wm Robinson Esq

William B Hanly and Amanda Chandler were married February 14th 1878 by Rev Wm

William T Smith and Edna Geraldine Chandler were married Jan. 9, 1896, by Rev. R. P.

Clyde S. Chandler and Bertha Norris were married March 10, 1896, by Rev. Keister

Emma Jane Hanly and George W Snair were united in marriage September 29th 1889 by
Rev. Caleb Hill, Prospect, Ohio

Valerius Reginald chandler and Estella M. Ferguson were married Mch. 30, 1897 by Rev E.

Daughter of Emma Hanly Snair
Bethel S. Snair and Joseph Spano were united in marriage January 18, 1916 by
Rev. W. L. Bretz, Columbus, Ohio

Daughter of Bethel A. Snair
Anna Mae Spano and Ross D. Shoup were united in marriage September 19th 1943 at St.
Paul's Lutheran Church Marion, Ohio by Rev. Mumford, Bucyrus, O.

Claude S. Hanby and Nannie A. Newlove were married Dec. 23, 1902, by Rev. Mart.

Claude S. Hanby and Notie Dana were married Apr. 10, 1910, by

Zelda Blanche Hanby and L Scott Worthington were married Nov. 1912, by

Mary Gertrude Hanby and Charles F. Elliott were married June 17, 1913 by Rev. N. J.

Anson Hague Chandler was born April 9th 1836

Amanda Johnson was born Oct. 1st 1844

Clyde Sherman chandler was born March 12th 1865

Zaidee Chandler was born Oct. 2nd 1866

Valerius Reginald Chandler was born Feb. 6th 1869

Edna Geraldine Chandler was born March 11th 1871

Wm. B. Hanby born Aug. 7, 1840

Virgil Wilber Hanby was born October 5th 1879

Clandle Scott Hanby was born Dec 2nd 1882

Mary Gertrude Hanby was born June 17th 1884

Zelda Blanche Hanby as born Aug 11th 1888

Regie's children
Harrold Nelson chandler was born Jan. 14, 1898.

Clara Hazel Chandler was born Mch. 14, 1899.

Amanda Ruth Chandler was born May 5, 1900.
Esther Rosetta Chandler was born Sept. 28, 1911.

Clyde's Children
Virgil Clyde Chandler was born Aug. 4, 1900.

Gladys Irene Chandler was born Aug. 2, 1902.

Paul Norris Chandler was born Sept 20, 1906.

Ruth Pauline Chandler was born Aug. 27, 1909.

Carrie Mabel Chandler was born July 11, 1913.

Daughter of William B. Hanly and Louise Hanby.
Emma Jane Hanby born August 12th 1869 in Hancock Co., Ohio

Mabel Irene Elliott was born July 22, 1921 at Richwood, Ohio.

Daughter of Emma J. Hanby.
Bethel A. Spano born May 30, 1897 Prospect, Ohio

Daughter of Bethel A. Spano
Anna Mae Spano Born September 12, 1922 Marion, Ohio

Claude's Children
Meredith Claude Hanby was born Sept. 29, 1906, in Kan. Cy., Kan

Dana Thorton Hanby was born Jan. 15, 1911 in Pleasant Hill, Mo

Lois Notie Hanby was born Dec. 18, 1912 in Butler, Mo.

Zaidee Hanby was born Jan. 25, 1915 in butler, Mo.

Violet Amanda Hanby was born Oct. 13, 1917 in rolla, Mo.

Claudine Rosemary Hanby was born Mch. 9, 1923, Rolla, Mo.

Alma Billie Hanby born Aug. 6, 1927.

Julia Elizabeth Worthington was born at Mt Carmel Hospital Columbus, O. Jan.
7, 1915.

Son of Anna Mae & Ross D. Shoup
Ross David Shoup #born October 8, 1949 Marion, Ohio.

Anson H Chandler died March 29th 1874

Amanda Hanly died Oct. 9, 1900; Typhoid fever.

Virgil Wilbur Hanby died December 15th 1879

Wm. B. Hanby died Jan 17, 1927.

William T. Smith died Dec. 28 - thrown from a load of coal Dec. 26, at coal
yards in Richwood

Edna G. (Chandler) Smith died Jan. 9, 1939, at her home, Richwood.

Bertha (Norris) Chandler died May 12, 1938.

Charles F. Elliott died Jan. 29, 1943. Sudden death, no previous warning, at
Corn Plant Richwood O. - Blood clot in heart.

Estella (Ferguson) Chandler died Sept. 27, 1944 at Reading, Mich.

Claude S. Hanby died from a heart attack Oct 17, 1944 at Little Rock, Ark.

Harold Nelson Chandler died of Cholera infantum Sept. 24, 1898.

Amanda Ruth chandler died of Spinal Meningitis Apr. 27. 1906.

Paul Norris Chandler died Sept. 21, 1920, Paulding Co. Ohio.

Zelda Worthington Died Aug - 9 - 1951

V. Reginald Chandler Died Aug 30. 1952.

Clyde S. Chandler died May 4 - 1953

Mabel Irene Elliott July 18-1954 Heart attack early Sunday Morn.

Wayne G. Elliott

Family History
[written on a blank page in the Bible]
Abiel Walker chandler, born Nov. 28, 1809.
Died at their farm home April 17, 1874

Emily Jane Pierce was born Oct. 3, 1808
Died at the home of a friend June 16, 1886.

Anson H. Chandler - birth April 9, 1836.
Death March 29, 1874.
Children by first wife:
Clara may chandler born April 24, 1859
Death -
Ernest Everington Chandler born oct 16, 1860
Had 4 small children. died Nov. 16, 1933
Ida Alice Chandler - born Oct. 22 1862 - died


Emma Jane Snair died September 24, 1949
Marion, Ohio - heart attack


Amanda Chandler Hanby
A record of her grandchildren
A part of the grand children already in Record in this Bible - Harold Nelson Chandler, her
first grandchild.  Name is on birth & death list in this Bible - not repeating record if
already recorded

[hand written family history]
Amanda Johnson was born Oct 1st 1844 in Mount Vernon Knox Co and moved with her
parents five brothers Alex, Silas, Addison, Henry & Albert and two sisters Carrie & Austa
to Union Co in what is now Route #31 and then called Kenton Pike and Cotton Slash
neighborhood where she early in life met and married Anson Chandler who was a
Widower with two children. They bought a small farm on what is known Reed road;
cleared an acre of ground and built a two roomed house moving into on Saturday as a fire
broke out in the wood and threatened to burn their house; Mother used to tell me an
old addage
Saturday flet short set" but they had four children born Clyde, Zaidee, Regie & Edna; in a
few short years she was left a young widow with her oldest Clyde 9 years and Edna the
youngest 3 years to make a living for and to care for farming and teaching school untill
she met a a young widow Wm Hanby who had one Daughter Emma so on Feb 14-1878
they were married and as he owned a small farm they sold his farm of 40 Acres and
merged their finance spare as it was and lived on her farm where four Children were born
Claude, Mary, Gertrude and Zelda Blanch the oldest child Vergil dying in infancy.
Together they educated their children the best they could Making farmers of Clyde &
Regia.  Zaidee became a successful Teacher and Edna helped Mother at home a number  
of years untill she married Claude became a Minister and Chautaugua Lecturer. Mother
passed away Oct 9-1900 athe age of 56 years with Tyhoid fever leaving her husband a
widower with Zelda only 9 years of age but he managed to keep home going Mary
Gertrude keeping house for him while Zaidee taught school and (kept home for all and
lived close untill they all married and had homes of their own) He and Zaidee lived on in
the old home that had become a nice seven room frame house which still stands a land
mark.  At this date all 8 children and Parents have gone to their reward but 12
Grand children and myself.  Mother was a strong Christian Character firm in the Baptist
Faith and was held in high esteem. Nothing pleased her more than to visit her Brothers &
Sisters and the surrey with the fringe on the top and two sleek horses every other
year for many years made the trip from Union Co to Hancock and Van Wert and visited
each family  she never lived to attend the first Reunion which was organized by Uncle
Alex; Addie; Henry and was held at Uncle Alex home in Marysville Ohio in 1906.

[obit from Tuesday, June 1, 1971]
Mrs. Charles Elliott
Richwood - Mrs. Mayme Elliott, 86, of Richwood died at 4:15 a.m. today in the Union
County Home.  She had been ill the last few months.  Her husband, Charles, preceded
her in death.Born June 17, 1884, in Union County, she was the daughter of William B.
and Amanda Johnson Hanby.  She was a member of the First United Methodist
A daughter preceded her in death.  Nieces and nephews survive.Services will be Thursday
at 2 p.m. in Cheney Funeral Home. Rev. James Wagner will officiate.  Burial will be in
Claibourne Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday from 2 to 4 and 7
to 9 p.m.

[ribbon from the local G.A.R. Post]
Ransom Reed Post
No. 113
Marysville Ohio
National Encampment
Cincinnati, O.
September - - 1898.