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Family Bibles
Alvin Chaddock

Holy Bible in English; Published by The National Publishing Company, Jones Brothers
&Co., Continental Publishing Co., & A. L. Bancroft & Co., 1870

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Justus Walbridge to Eunice Osborn Jan 1 1812

Alvin Chaddock to Sally Terry Lima Liv. Co July 8. 1810

Philander Chaddock to Melvina R. Walbridge Alliea. Jan. 21 1841

Helen M. Chaddock to Astley Cooper Thompson Mich. Nov 7 1866

Alta E Chaddock to Herman C. Ewell Middleburg Feb. 5 1871

John B. Chaddock to Carrie D. Sanford Ashford Call. Co Nov. 5 1882

Carl F. Chaddock to Minnie B. Huntington Middleburg Dec. 25

Lillian M. Ewell to Justin Eastman Middlebury June 1 1893

Floyd C. Thompson to Florence Lee Burdick Albany Oct 15 1895

Albert Thompson

Willard Thompson Eunice Walbridge married November 23. 1841

Philander Chaddock born May 5 1815

Melvina Chaddock born Oct. 21 1822

Helen M. Chaddock born Feb. 7 1844

Harriet W. Chaddock born June 18 1842 Misplaced

Elen E. Chaddock born Jan. 29 1898

Alta E. Chaddock born Oct. 22 1851

John B. Chaddock born Jan. 13 1860

Carl F. Chaddock born April 20 1862

Alta E. Thompson born Mar, 30 1880

Floyd C. Thompson [born]          1871

Albert Thompson [born] Mar. 10 1878

Loren Thompson [born] Mar 10 1873

See Ewell records for Alta E Chaddock's children

Harriet Walbridge Chaddock died Nov 12. 1843

Ellen Emerella Chaddock died June 12. 1850

Philander Chaddock died April 22. 1891

Melvina Rebbeca Chaddock died March 20 1898 @ Cat___ll G____ Co.

Alta Chaddock Ewell died Nov 3d. 1923

John B Chaddock [died] Dec 7. 1923

Carl F Chaddock [died] Nov 13, 1905

Alta E. Thompson died Jan. 16 1943

Floyd C Thompson [died] 1925?

Abert Thompson died July 11. 1946

Helen Chaddock Thompson Oct 16. 1933 at Baltimore

Herman C. Ewell Jan 12. 1925

Minnie H. Chaddock died May 1941

Mary LaVallie Ewell died April 1899

Lillian M. Ewell Eastman died Nov. 29, 1960 in Canisteo N.Y.

Justin L. Eastman died Nov. 23, 1946 at home


Carl F Chaddock died in Batavia hospital Nov 13. 1905

Alta Chaddock died Nov 30, 1923

Herman C Ewell died Jan 12. 1925

Helen Chaddock Thompson died Oct. 16. 1933 in Baltimore

John Chaddock died Dec 1923

Obituary of Miss Alta E. Thompson [hand written]

Miss Alta E. Thompson passed away on Jan. 16, 1943 following an operation for
apprudicitis at the General Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.
Miss Thompson was a graduate of Albany Normal and did graduate work at Columbia
University, Chicago University and other Colleges. She earned her M.A. and a part-of her
Drs. degree.  She was a very successful Teacher for over 40 years, she first taught at
South Orange N. J. in High School and later taught several years in the Genesco Normal.
She afterward went to Emporia Kansas & taught also in Illinois, later she went to
Baltimore where she has been a teacher in the High School.
She was very much interested in Dramatics. She directed a play at Baltimore, The Taming
of the Shrew by Shakespeare, also directed and dramatized a play A Man Without A
Country by Edward Everett Hale & others. Miss Thompson was from Albany. She was the
daughter of the late Ashley Cooper and Helen Chaddock Thompson.  She is survived by
one brother Abert C. Thompson of Iowa and 2 nephews Willard Thompson of Quantico
Virginia, Leonard Thompson of Oregon, 3 nieces Mrs. Gladys Guerard of Norwalk
Connecticut, a teacher, Miss Eileen Thompson & Mrs. Helen Chumbley Foth' of
New York City.
She was born in Albany in the year 1880.  The burial took place in the family plot at West
Middlebury Feb 1st.
She was very much loved and a very capable a loving friend to all who knew her.