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Family Bibles
J. Moffett Carson

Holy Bible in English, American Bible Society, New York, 1883.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

The Family Bible of J. Moffett Carson and his wife Lillie A. Hood.

J. Moffett Carson and Lillie A. Hood was. Married Sep. 8th 1886.

Myrl M Lumbattis and Ruth Elizabeth Carson Married April 30, 1913.

John Carson Lumbattis and Betty Jane Carver Married June 1, 1940.

John C. Auld and Belle M. Hood was Married Mar. 20th 1884.

Wm. H. Carson and Lizzie M. Ramsey was Married My 15th 1884. [15th added in pencil]

Robert S. Carson and Ella Donnelly was Married Nov. 30th 1887.

David P. Carson and Eleanor T. Kenedy was Married Nov. 13th 1889.

Ruth Elizabeth Carson was born July 2th 1890.

John Carson Lumbattis was born Aug 7th 1915.

J. Moffett Carson was born Nov. 16 1857.

Lillie A. Hood was born June 13 1864.

Ann Carver Lumbattis Born June 9, 1942.

Sara Jane Lumbattis Born Aug 10 1946.

Myrl Merker Lumbattis Born Jan. 21. 1890.

Betty Jane Carver Born March 5, 1916.

Elizabeth Carson died at her home, near Oakdale, Ills., June 23d, 1889, aged 62. She was born
in Coumnty Monaghan, Ireland. Early professed her faith in Christ under the pastoral care of Mr.
Cathcart. Emigrated to this country in 1848. Soon after was united in marriage to Mr. John
Carson, with whom she settled in Washington county, Ills., connected with the Elkhorn
congregation, and was an earnost defender of the Covenanter faith till her death. It is the
common testimony of her acquaintance that she was able to "rejoice with them that do rejoice,
and weep with them that weep." Her temperament was sympathetic and impulsive. For devotion
and consideration as a wife and mother she had few equals. She leaves four sons, with their
families, and a husband, all in the church, to whom her memory will be an inspiration, and her
name a sweet household word. Her death was very painful, being caused by lockjaw, induced by
the piercing of her foot by a nail. This death made a deep impression on the community: more
than seventy vehicles were in the line of procession at her funeral. May the serious impression
made be salutary. D.G.T.

John Carson, Sr., a pioneer o Washington county, and one of our county's most respected and
well known farmers, died at his home near Pilot Knob December 12, 1900, where he had lived
almost 55 years. Mr. Carson's late illness was of about three weeks' duration and developed into
paralysis of the nervous system.
A large concorse of acquaintances gathered, on Friday, to show their last respects to their
departed friend and followed the remains to the Elkhorn cemetery where the deceased was laid
to rest beside his wife who predeceased him eleven years ago.
Of the immediate family four sons survive, J. Moffett Carson of this city, and William, Robert
and David, who reside near the old home place.