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George Carrington

Colonel George Carrington (1711-1785)

Holy Bible in English; London, John Baskett, 1718.

Col. Carrington was born in Barbadoes, West Indies, and emigrated to Virginia in 1723,
where he married Anne Mayo in 1732.  They lived at "Boston Hill", Cumberland County,
Virginia.  He occupied many positions of public trust and was a vestryman and warden in
the Episcopal Church from early manhood until his death.  The Bible is supposed to have
come over from Barbadoes with Col. Carrington and contains records of his family and of
that of his son, Mayo Carrington.  It is now preserved in the Virginia State Library.

Hic Liber Pertinet ad Georgius Carington.

Paul Carrington the Son of George & Anne Carrington, born ye fifth day of March 1733.  
between 2 & 3 a Clock, tuesday morning.

William Carrington the Son of George & Anne Carrington born the seventeenth day of
November 1735 about one a clock Monday in the morning.  Obit Sepr. 14 1739.

George Carrington the Son of George & Anne Carrington w born the 15th of March 1737 in
the night  Obit 9th Nov. 1784 At. 47.

William Carrington the Son of George & Anne Carrington was born the 22d. day of
December 1739 between 7 & 8 Saturday Night Died 20 april 1757 At. 18.

Joseph Carrington the Son of George & Anne Carrington was born the Sixth day of
February in the morning Saturday 1741.  died April 4th 1802 aged 61 yrs.

Nathaniel Carrington son of George & Ann was born the Twenty Eigth Day of February
1743, between 7 & 8 in the evening.

Henningham born 4 Decr. 1746 between 4 & 5 in ye morning on thursday.  Intermarried
with Jno. Bernard 1767.

Edward Carrington born the 11th of February 1748/9 about 11 oClock Saturday Night.

Hannah Carrington born the 28th March 1751 about 12 oClock Thursday.  Married Nah's
Cabell 1772.

Mayo Carrington born the first Day of April 1753 in

Mary Carrington born the 9th January 1759 in the Night intermarried with Jos. Watkins

[The above records are all apparently in the handwriting of George Carrington.  Those
that follow were written by his son, Mayo.]

George Carrington father of the foregoing persons departed this life on the 7th day Febr.
1785 aged 74 yr.

Ann Carrington mother of the same departed this life on the 15th day of the same month
aged 78.

Mayo Carrington was Married to Ann daughter of Richard Adams Esqr. on Wednesday the
30th day of September 1784 7 oClock in the evening.

Their issue.

Eliza Griffin Carrington a daughter born on friday the 1st October 1790 at 3 oClock in the

George Mayo Carrington a son born on Thursday the 9th of April 1792 3 oClock in the

Richard Adams Carrington a son born on Sunday the 29th of September 1793 at 5 oClock
in the morning.

John Carrington a son born on Wednesday the fourth of January 1797 at four oClock in

Taken from the book: The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,Genealogical
Records, Manuscript entries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages,taken from Family Bibles