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Family Bibles
Henry W. Carpenter

Holy Bible in English; American & Foreign Bible Society, Philadelphia, 1847.

The Bible was sold at auction from Endicott, NY and present location is unknown.
Dr. H. W. Carpenter
LETTER TRANSCRIPTION: Health of the 117th. 117th Regiment N. Y.
Vols., Folly Island, S. C., Dec. 12th, 1863. To the Editor of the Utica
Morning Herald: I learn from reliable persons who have lately returned
from a visit to Oneida county, that our friends at home are ill at ease
and unduly anxious concerning the physical welfare of our regiment;
made so by the misstatement of certain persons who have withdrawn
from the service, and who, I am told, occupy their time in circulating
sensation reports to the effect that the regiment" is suffering
severely," and that our "men are dying like sheep, at an average of
twenty-five daily." Now these reports are simply false, and can do no
harm, other than to unnecessarily excite fear and anxiety in the minds
of those who have friends and relatives in the regiment. In order to
relieve the minds of those interested, we feel it a duty as well as a
privilege to lay before your readers the facts as they are concerning
the health and mortality of the regiment since entering service. Nearly
sixteen months ago we left Oneida county with over one thousand
men, since which time the regiment has been exposed to the
vicissitudes of camp life as much, and in many instances more than
many regiments in the field. During that period we have had upwards
of one hundred and thirty cases of typhoid fever and over two hundred
cases of diarrhoea and dysentery [sic]. These have been the principal
diseases. The deaths from disease have been forty, which with one
killed before the enemy makes a total of forty-one. Is not this
percentage sufficiently small to satisfy the mind of any intelligent
person who is at all acquainted with the necessary unavoidable
irregularities imposed by military service? We sincerely trust that
these reports have not been put in circulation from any desire or with
the design to discourage those who otherwise would enroll their name
among the noble defenders of our beloved country. Very respectfully
yours, H. W. CARPENTER, Surgeon, 117th N. Y. V.