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Family Bibles
William Caldwell

Holy Bible in English; Robinson And Franklin, New York, 1839.

The Family Bible of William Morton Fletcher Caldwell and his wife Susan E. Harrison.
Allied family surnames of Huston, Perry, Edwards, Morton and Reeves are listed, as well
as locations of Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky and Owensboro, Daviess County,
Kentucky. Also listed are information on William's parents, Andrew and Fanny (Morton)

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

Owner's Inscriptions
Mrs. Susan E. Caldwell Jany 1853.

W. M. F. Caldwell & Susan E. Caldwell Bot April 11th 1840

Andrew Caldwell Married To Fanny T. Morton April 3rd 1808

Carter H. Harrison was married to Margaret H Edwards on the 4th March 1819 in
Rufsellville Ky

Willis I. Reeves and Margaret H. Harrison married in Rufsellville Ky On Thursday
November 18th 1830

Wm M. F. Caldwell Married To Susan E. Harrison (by Rev. Rich'd Dearing)) Near Eckton
Todd cty Ky May 17th 1831

G. J. [Granville Jewell] Huston Married to Mary L. Caldwell at home Russellville Ky Nov
25th 1884. Grofs Alexander Official

Amanda Jewell Huston Daughter of G. J. Huston and Mary Caldwell Huston Married John
V. [Vardiman]Yewell at Owensboro Ky June 26 1913

Margaret Frances Caldwell born 22nd Day of June 1841

Andrew Caldwell Born 3rd Day of December 1842

Carter H Caldwell Born 26th January 1845

Susan Elizabeth Caldwell Born 31st Jany 1847

1849 Susan E. Caldwell (the Mother)
Margaret Francis Caldwell
Andrew Caldwell
Carter H Caldwell and Susan E. Caldwell were
all baptized by pouring
in M. E. Church Russellville Ky
by Rev. B. S. Davidson Sunday May 20th

Mary Luticia Caldwell Born 1 day of June 1851

Willie Caldwell Born 27th Day of October 1856

Daniel Caldwell Born 3rd Day of March 1859

Andrew Caldwell Sr Born Decbr 10th 1783.

Mrs F T Caldwell (the wife of M. Andrew Caldwell) Novr 29" 1788.

Amanda Jewell Huston born January 17th 1887, Daughter of G. J. Huston and Mary C.

H R Perry Born June 23 - 1868 Russellville Ky

Mrs H R Perry "Lulu" (Lucy Louiz Jordon) Born March 21st 1871 Guthrie Ky

Horace R Perry Jr Born March 31st 1908

E. Ruth Jolley Perry July 4, 1914 Monitt, Missouri

[obit pasted in] Died - In this place this morning, Mr. Andrew Caldwell, an aged and
highly respectable citizen.  He was for many years a prominent member of the
Methodist E. Church, and died in the full triumph of christian faith. [added in pencil]
March 3rd 1847 25 minutes before 11 00

Mrs Francis T. Caldwell died October 23rd 1862 wife of Mr Andrew Caldwell

Mary C Huston at Franklin Ky. Died October 17th 1906

G. J. Huston died at Owensboro Ky July 18th 1911 Age 65 yrs

Willie Caldwell Died 15th May 1854 Age 6 Months & 15 days.

Andrew Caldwell Died May 11th 1861, Age 18 years 5 Months and 8 days

Mrs. Susan E. Caldwell (the loving wife of W. M F Caldwell) died in Rufsellville Ky at her
home, August 6th 1878 at 25 minutes past 4 Ock PM. in the 59" Year of her age

Mifs Margaret F Caldwell died Feby 2d 1881 near 1 Ock AM.

Susan Elizabeth Perry wife of A and F. Perry died June 8th 1888.