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Family Bibles
Alfred Cahill

Holy Bible in English; [Title page missing] New Testament title page; New York,
American Bible Society, 1850.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy library, Irwin, Iowa.

Alfred Cahill and Jerusha Welch married May 23 18 1849

Eugene W Cahill and Martha Shaffer Married May 22nd 1876

Alfred Cahill born January 20th 1828

Jerusha C Welch born May 29th 1824

Eugene William cahill born June 10. 1850

Walter Myron Cahill born January 21st. 1852

Byron Elisha Cahill born Aug 1st 1854

Mary Ophelia Cahill born Aug 2th 1857

Alice Eloise Cahill born April 28th 1860

Eva Levurn Cahill born Oct 14th 1862

Elmer Jasper Cahill born Oct 3d 1868- July 28, 1941

[The Cahills residence was in Darien, Walworth County, Wisconsin]