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Family Bibles
John Ande

Holy Bible In English; A. J. Holman & Co., Ltd., Philadelphia, 1893.

The Bible is now in the possession of the C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library, Irwin, Iowa.

The Family Bible of John Ande and his wife Catherine Vey.

Marriage Certificate
This is to Certify that Mr. John Ande and Miss Catherine Vey were united by me in Holy Matrimony at
5th St. & Elizabeth Ave on the twentieth day of December in the year of our Lord 1869 In Presence of
Groom's Parents & Bride's Parents Signed Rev. Mr. Newil

Family Record [chart style]
John Ande [b] Germany June 17th 1817 [d] April 19th 1873
Catharine Ande [b] Germany June 17th 1818 [d] Dec. 25 1874

John George Vey [b] Germany May 11th 1808 [d] Oct 29 1874
Catharine Vey [b] Germany July 21st 1817 [d] March 7th 1899.

John Ande Jr [b] Germany April 11th 1845 [m] Dec. 20th 1869 [d] Feb. 19, 1920
Catharine Ande nee Vey [b] Elizabeth New Jersey Oct 18th 1848 [m] Dec 20th 1869 [d] Sept. 3rd 1899.

John Ande Jr. [b] Elizabeth New Jersey June 23rd 1872 [m] Oct 15 1902

Laura Ande [b] Elizabeth New Jersey Aug 18th 1874 [d] May 18 1895

Christian Ande [b] Elizabeth New Jersey Dec 10th 1875

Kate Ande [b] Elizabeth New Jersey June 10th 1878 [m] Oct 10, 1901

Henry Ande [b] Elizabeth New Jersey Sept 23 1880 [m] Oct 30. 1909 [d] Oct 28 1933

William Ande [b] Elizabeth New Jersey Mar 31 1883 [m] Oct 8 1902

John George Ande [b] Brooklyn N.Y. Dec 20 1870 [d] July 13 1871

Nellie Ande nee Vanderbeck [b] New Jersey [m] Oct 8 1902 [wife of Wm]

Children of John Ande [Actually William & Nellie]
Ethel Margaret Ande [b] Ridgewood, N. J. April 12, 1904 [m] Oct 8, 1926
James Henry Ande [b] Midland Park, N. J. January 11, 1906 [m] June 30. 1927
Evelyn Louise Ande [b] Ridgewood, N. J. June 24, 1908 [m] July 30 1932

Grandchildren of Wm Ande
Elizabeth Marie De Haan [b] Hawthorne N. J. June 22 1928
Barbara Elaine Worg [b] Ridgewood, N. J, Nov. 16 1933
William Robert De Haan [b] Toowa N. J. Oct 16 1938
Lynn Margaret Ande [b] Prospect Park N. J. June 15 1941

Jas. H. Vanderbeck & Margaret Ann Vanderbeck nee Van Dien: Parents of
Nellie & Verna

Family Temperance Pledge
John Ande Jr
Catharine Ande